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Rotary Honors Three as April Students of the Month

The Rotary Club of Everett on April 18, 2023 honored three local high school students as Rotary Students of the Month.
Each month during the school year the club recognizes outstanding high school students in the city of Everett for their accomplishments and their promise.
Cascade High Student of the Month is Kenzie Thomas.
Kenzie has always been a great example of how to be both accountable in school and sports: stellar grades and a great team player. She always comes to practice with a great attitude and eagerness to improve. From Rhonda Covert, athletics secretary: “Kenzie is an honest young lady with great integrity, compassion and perseverance. Kenzie works hard and never gives up, even when faced with adversity. She has a generous heart, is very helpful and courteous and respected among her peers. I am excited to see where she goes in this world.” 
Student of the Month from Sequoia High is Rae Thomas.
Rae is a caring student who takes great pride in her schoolwork and attendance. She plans to attend Seattle Central and study in the surgical technology program. After becoming a certified surgical technologist, she plans to transfer to a university for a bachelor's degree in neuropsychology. Her dream is to become a surgical first assistant or surgical physician assistant. A teacher said “Rae is a kind, thoughtful, and talented student. She is creative and a hard worker. She brightens every room that she’s in!  We’re so proud of her!”
Everett High Student of the Month is Kadalyna Franck-Tolentino.
In addition to participating in both basketball and tennis, Kadalyna has been a member of EHS’s DECA and is this year’s Interact Club President, where she helps organize the club’s community outreach and on-campus service. In addition to her extracurricular activities and maintaining a 3.5 GPA, Kadalyna has volunteered with the Providence General Children’s Association. She coordinated a pet food drive for Everett Animal Shelter and delivered two boxes full of supplies and food. She hopes to become a veterinarian.
About the Rotary Club of Everett
Rotary is an organization of business and professional leaders united worldwide to provide humanitarian service and build goodwill and peace. Chartered in 1917, the Rotary Club of Everett is one of three Rotary clubs in Everett and a total of more than 35,000 Rotary clubs in 182 countries.
In 2020 the Rotary Club of Everett provided $214,000 in scholarships to students from the Everett area. The club also supports college-bound students in the Everett School District’s AVID program. Club members represent a broad spectrum of business, governmental, charitable and public service occupations and support service projects in the Everett community and around the world. The club meets in person and  an online Zoom session at 12:00 noon every Tuesday. 
Local Impact
The Local Impact Committee is always looking for local opportunities to support.  Below are links to information about this program.
May 2023
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Local Impact Chairperson
"The Rotary Club of Everett is the pre-eminent professional service club, known for its core values, support of youth education, and for successfully identifying and addressing community and international issues."
Want to adopt a school?  Well, here is your chance.  We have a great project going in concert with our sister club in Dejabon and you can be a key part of it.  We have several projects underway, and are inviting the public to join in on this one.  Help improve literacy by providing books for those who don't have them, and providing special education for their teachers.  Don't want to tack on a whole school?  How about a classroom, or an individual student?   Learn more about this exciting Rotary project by clicking here.
Not all students just starting college are really ready for the experience.  What are some of the things that members of the community can do when interacting with the young people to help them be better prepared?  That was the subject of Dr Chris Geyer’s presentation to the Rotary Club of Everett recently.
Based on her 14 years of classroom teaching working with incoming college students, she shared her top five suggestions.  These were:
Foster Inquiry
Right Reasons
Five years of work and eight visits by Rotary Club of Everett members will soon yield crops for needy farmers in the Dajabón region of the Dominican Republic.
The harvest: grants totaling nearly $107,000 from the Rotary Foundation, Everett-area Rotary clubs, Rotary District 5050 and more to help low-income Dominicans build greenhouse gardens where they will raise vegetables to eat and sell.
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