KIVA Microloans
  1. On your computer, smart phone, tablet, or other device connected to the Internet, go to
  2. Go to Sign In and log on using,
  3. Enter our password: Rotary1225
  4. You may ask KIVA to remember our log in and password, if you wish. (Do not do this on a pubic shared device)  A cookie box may appear when you first enter the site, simply delete that and go to Start Lending.
  5. Scroll down through the featured loans and select View All Categories, then you can select a particular country (like the Dominican Republic) or a particular type of loan, or you can choose another country or simply choose one of the featured loans.
  6. Click on to make a loan (usually $25 or $50) and proceed to check out.
  7. KVIA will automatically add an administrative fee and ask if you'd prefer to donate $5 or some other amount. Go to the empty box and type in "0". KIVA will then make the loan but won't debit our account for any administrative fee (which, over time, would tend to deplete our account).
  8. We currently have over $2,000 in our account available to make these microloans.  You can see how much of a remaining balance we have once you are signed in. If the account is tapped out, wait a few weeks and try again.  While there are some loans that don't get repaid, most of the borrowers do repay the loans, which then replenishes our account.