Members and guests were greeted by Cathy Woods and Glen Bachman.
President Steve Miller rang the Rotary Bell at 12 noon, calling to order meeting #5337 of the Rotary Club of Everett, #32 of Steve’s year. After the Pledge of Allegiance, Jack Robinson brought us the Thought of the Day, conveying respect and gratitude for our indigenous neighbors.
Glen Bachman led in the introduction of guests. Kelly Shepherd’s guests were Kayla McNulty with the YMCA and Kate with the Everett Public Schools Foundation. No visiting Rotarians.
President Steve celebrated Everett Rotary’s 115th birthday with a cake for all to enjoy and led the club in singing Happy Birthday! to the Rotary Club of Everett.
Tammy Dunn was called out by President Steve for articles that she was mentioned in in The Everett Herald and The Tribune. Tammy stated that the articles made national news and contributed a bell ringer to the club.
Nick Hansen reminded the club of the VOA food bank volunteering on Thursday, 11am-1pm.
Roy Yates shared a Membership Moment. Membership is important to our club. He thanked Kelly Shepherd for bringing in club members.
Brian Hollingshead recalled a wonderful time at the fireside at Kelli Thode’s home.
Brian turned the microphone over to Ed Petersen, who announced the dedication and facility tours of the Kindred Kitchen at Housing Hope on Thursday, March 12th. The South Everett/Mukilteo and Port Gardner Rotary clubs were also invited.
Jim Staniford announced that the Everett Silvertips fellowship tickets for March 1st were sold out. He told the club that he will get some more.
President Steve announced that there is a card out front for Karen Shearer-Toyer who has a broken hip. He also mentioned that the strategic planning meeting is scheduled for tomorrow at 5pm at Legion Golf Course. Pizza will be served.
Henry Newton had some sad dollars. Past President Larry O’Donnell has stopped treatment and is now at home. Please keep Larry and his family in your thoughts and prayers.
Scott Casselman was happy to be back from visiting New York City, where his daughter is an entertainment lawyer.
Roy Yates had $100 birthday bucks. He also spoke of what a special human being Larry O’Donnell is.
Kelly Shepherd mentioned the Everett School Foundation benefit breakfast is next Wednesday, March 4th.
Stephen Bighaus celebrated 41 years of marriage.
Neil Angst ran the raffle today.
Ed Rubatino chose box #1 and won a free lunch, wine and chocolates.
Jack Robinson chose box #3 and won wine, an I Love You picture and Girl Scout Mints.
Tom Rainville got box #2 and won wine, an emergency kit and candy.
Greg Lineberry wrapped up this year’s fundraiser with some fun antics!
Prize winners were:
Will McMahan –Hawaii Trip
Tom Rainville –Ben Bridge Necklace
Jim Schrader – Hill Street Blues DVD & Police Car Ride
Jim Schrader – Novelty Hills
Tom Rainville – Michael Kors Purse
Julie Herber – Lombardi’s Gift Card
Nick Hansen – Tulalip Gift Certificate
Randy Hansen – Dwayne Lane’s Auto Detailing
Jim Schrader – MOPOP Gift Certificate
Michael Kvistad – Seattle Storm Gift Certificate
Cat Wilson – Teeth Whitening Kit
John Olson – Mukilteo B & B
Scott Casselman – Mariners Autographed Baseball
Anna Marie Laurence – Anthony’s Brunch Gift Certificate
Gail Larson – Funko Super Heroes
Judi Edwards – Seahawks (Clowney) Football
Jerry Tucker – Vintage Café
Warrants were issued to Henry Newton, Steve Miller (2), Paul Stoot, Ian Saltzman and Amy Norman. All used their Get out Of Jail Free cards, except for Steve Miller’s second warrant, for which he paid $100.
Greg then auctioned 3 items.
Scott Casselman won a Mexico Trip for $1200
Erik Samuelson won a YMCA Membership for 1 year for $1100
Kelly Shepherd won 3days/2 nights at Lopez Lodge for $850
Presented Steve thanked everyone. Rotary Connects the World.      
Respectfully submitted,
Clayton Browse
Photography by,
Walt Greenwood
Next Program:  
“Why Mentoring Matters” presented by Ryan Brown & Jeff Russell introduced by Erik Samuelson