The virtual meeting of September 28, 2021, President Greg Lineberry presiding, his number 13 of Everett Rotary meeting number 5416, was called to order and the Pledge of Allegiance was led by President Greg Lineberry.
The Thought of the Day was provided by Erik Samuelson on the theme of grief with a poem by David White entitled “Well of Grief.”  Erik invited everyone to take a moment and acknowledge their personal grief and then said a prayer for healing.
There were no guests to be introduced other than the speaker but Rich Toyer’s wife, Karen, came in later and was welcomed by President Greg.
President Greg announced that the board meeting would be virtual.
President Greg announced happily that the Larry O’Donnell scholarship was getting very close to being complete.
Ian Saltzman announced Everett School District’s $2,000 donation to the Larry O’Donnell’s scholarship fund.
President Greg reminded us that the District Conference is May 13-15 Semiahmoo, and the Early Bird discount expires Nov.1st and that the club pays registration fee for first time attendees.
Kari Petrasek announced the Happy Hour would be virtual on October 7 BUT that was cancelled before this log went to print and it’s now “In-Person on October 14th at the Marriot bar.
Ed Rubatino, PP, announced that he and Marilana had decided to follow Henry Newton’s example and donate $6,000 to the Larry O’Donnell Scholarship Fund. President Greg was wishing that this had happened last week in order to give him an unbeatable record for dollars raised in a meeting.
Rich Toyer and Karen’s anniversary 3 important years.
PROGRAM: Current Cyber Threats Landscape and How to Mitigate
Kari Petrasek introduced Kirk Arthur, with numerous credentials and work experiences to present “Current Cyber Threats Landscape and How to Mitigate.” 
Very interesting program about the government struggles with all the online activities of today and the complications caused by the pandemic.  He talked about the shifts in technology and changes in the landscape which includes how information is share with first responders, governments, public and private.  He said that 80% of crime involves some form of technology, typically overseas with no jurisdiction.  It totals about $600 billion cost and is unrecoverable.
Microsoft is trying to repair the problem by bringing it all together, fortifying access walls such as school safety. The use of Microsoft platform which allows significant inclusion of information and alerts cyber intrusions.  Microsoft’s digital crime scene shares intelligence with partners.  Our adversaries are skilled and well-funded so we must use a Zero Trust approach.  It assumes breach, every access is fully verified before access, prepared for the worst. 
We must always verify, no compromise, include Alexa, tv, cloud.  Go the extra mile: Bring your own devise, take the extra steps, limit who needs to access even in your workplace; Identity, devises, apps, infrastructure & home networking, (shared on the dark web), take care of open portals, and networking.  It’s too much for small and medium businesses, so they need to rely on larger businesses. 
Many questions followed concerning privacy values, unplugging Alexa when discussing sensitive issues at home, controlling employees with access to information, patterns vs deviation, where is the worst vulnerable places (restaurants with credit card terminals who don’t protect customer services.), etc.
President Greg thanked Kirk with gift to Domestic Violence to which Kirk offered Microsoft’s match.  President Greg congratulated Rich and Karen’s anniversary, Ian Saltzman’s gift from the school district, and the Rubitinos’ match of Newton’s gift which brought total to $79,000 for Larry O’s scholarship fund—almost complete! 
He reminded everyone of the District Conference and funding for 1st time attendance, He also reminded us that he planned to show us how to make a pumpkin pie martini at the Happy Hours event, Saturday’s Boys & Girls Club auction, and next week’s program on Paine Field.
Meeting adjourned. 
Respectfully submitted,
Barb George
Photos submitted,
Tammy Dunn
Paine Field Terminal Update Presented by Brett Smith; Introduced by Kari Petrasek