Prior to the meeting the theme was “The Adventures of Traveling” discussion among several Rotarians.
Vice President Kelli Thode rang the bell at 12:02 pm, calling to order meeting #5414 of the Rotary Club of Everett and 11th of President Greg Lineberry’s Rotary year. She then led the club in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Mark Valentine, PP, sang one of his favorite’s Cyndi Lauper song, True Colors.
Sonya Kraski, PE, gave the thought of the day. In remembrance of the 20th anniversary of 9/11, events happen which are ones we never forget. Understand today, search yesterday.
No visiting Rotarians and guests.
Will McMahan, PP, asked us to think about business individuals who we could invite to attend a future meeting. The Membership committee would like to start having people speak why they became a Rotarian.
Parker Compton was happy as the thyroid surgery went well.
Kari Petrasek had a wonderful trip in Montana and was sad to learn of Judge Lucas passing.
Erik Samuelson was sad to learn about the passing of Pastor Jeremy Fuerst from rock climbing in Colorado.
Will McMahan gave birthday dollars, dollars for the Red Cross, and the passing of Paster Jeremy Fuerst.
Janice Ellis gave sad dollars regarding Judge Lucas’s passing.
Dr. Paul Pitre stated he was honored to know Judge Lucas and all the work he did in the community.
Ed Petersen gave Anniversary dollars, birthday dollars, and took a 15 day trip to Iceland.
Kelli Thode gave anniversary dollars.
PROGRAM: North Cascades Institute
Kelli Thode introduced Kim Nelson. Kim has worked for the National Parks Service and has been working 2 years with North Cascade Institute.
North Cascades Institute works in the heart of the North Cascades ecosystem.
Kim talked about the Institute’s history. The North Cascades Institute is celebrating 35 years in 2021. In 2005 the North Cascades Environmental Learning Center opens on Diablo Lake.
Kim gave an overview of the Field Campus which has a research library, lodging, dining hall and outdoor learning shelters and trails. People may visit by enrolling in one of the Institute Programs, taking a Diablo Lake boat tour, participating in a field seminar and bringing the family to enjoy a getaway.
One of the programs is a Base Camp “Learning & Lodging” which is overnight accommodations and outdoors learning adventures.
North Cascades Institute offers scholarship and discounts. The Institute is well-known for conferences and retreats.
Since the pandemic started, the staff has been hosting virtual programs. The staff plans to continue holding virtual programs as this a way to learn about nature. Other programs include student programs and youth leadership adventures.
Gear Up! Partnership is another program which is an opportunity to partner with the community. Youth For the Environment and People provides and opportunity for first time students to experience outdoor learning.
How to Join Us? Visit www.ncascades.org. Sign up for mini program and/or the monthly newsletters.
Kelli Thode, VP, thanked Kim for presenting today and a gift to the Snohomish County Domestic Violence Services would be made in her name.
Vice President Kelli adjourned the meeting at 1:02 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Tammy Dunn
Photos submitted,
Tammy Dunn
NEXT PROGRAM: Electric Mirrors & Safeology