Zeb Cobbs was the first to appear on the ZOOM screen followed closely be the perky Deborah Wright, PP.  Zeb was anxious to introduce a guest and for Happy Dollars and Birthday Bucks (see below). With the encouragement of Deborah, Don Steward showed us his ”Keep Calm and Carry On” coffee mug and then Deborah became the official Rotary meeting greeter for today as she engaged with almost everyone who was on or off screen. I couldn’t keep up with the banter but I’d say we all felt connected and welcomed as the meeting was about to begin.
At 12:03 President Greg Lineberry, began his 10th meeting of the year and our 5,413th meeting of the Rotary Club of Everett. As 42 people listened in President Greg delivered the Pledge of Allegiance and we were officially underway.
Anna Marie Laurence, in speaking about our Rotary scholarships, asked us to look at our past and what scholarship opportunities were provided to students and with the vision of past and present Rotarians what those scholarship opportunities have grown to be.
  • Our club was started on December 8, 1916
  • Our first scholarships were awarded in 1944.
  • They were for $100.00 each and (2) of them were awarded to students at Everett Community College.
  • In the early 1950’s the Everett Rotary Youth Foundation was established.
  • By the mid 1950’s the scholarships were expanded to include (2) $100.00 awards to high school students and (2) $125.00 awards to go to students at Everett Community College.
  • In the 1960’s and 70’s the scholarship amounts gradually increased.
  • The annual amount provided for scholarships in the 1980’s was in the $13,000.00 range.
  • Generous donations in the 1990’s by Tony Bozich, the Suskin Foundation, Steve Saunders, PP, and many more Rotarians provided endowed funds that have generated several millions of dollars in scholarships given out over the last 30 years.
  • Our Partners in Excellence program along with our annual club fundraising efforts provides added dollars to the endowed funds each year to where we have been consistently giving out close to $240,000.00 - $250,000.00 a year in scholarships to over 55 students.
  • Thank you to the visionaries of our club who 77 years ago thought it was important to provide scholarships to our youth and thank you to all of those Rotarians since who have grown that vision to where it is today and have provided the endowments to assure growth for tomorrow.
Ed Petersen, PP, introduced Paul Roberts (Everett City Council and Sound Transit Board Member), Brock Howell (Executive Director at Snohomish County Transportation Coalition and Everett Station District Alliance) and Eldon Luo (Vista Volunteer).
President Greg introduced former Everett Mayor Ed Hansen.
Zeb Cobbs introduce his sister who is visiting from Texas.
President Greg said that our District was asked if we’ll join in on a project they are calling, Project Yes, which is a mentoring program for students.  (More information to come)
Neil Angst said that last year with “our messy office” situation being the way it was he is trying to sort out who paid their Rotary dues but didn’t get credited as paid, who hasn’t paid their Rotary dues, etc. He will be making some gentle calls to Rotarians to get this all straightened out.
Rich Toyer mentioned that there is a balance on the books, under meal cards, that needs to be addressed.   Those funds are to be returned to the meal ticket holders; information on how to get your $’s back will be forthcoming.  If you want to donate your remaining funds you can do that to our Youth Foundation.  
Zeb Cobbs was provided a double bell ringer with his $200.00 in celebration of his 71st birthday and 49th wedding anniversary.
PROGRAM: Convergence at Everett Station
Past President Roy Yates introduced Past President Ed Petersen and Brock Howell with Everett Station District Alliance.
Everett Station
  • What would an innovative and vibrant Transit Center in Everett look like?
  • What would make you proud of your Transit Center?
Why Care About our Transit Center?
  • It’s the Gateway into our City.
  • It’s the connector for Everett to all places in the Region.
  • It’s the key to solving clogged roads and vehicle pollution.  …. And so much more.
  • We have a widely acknowledged housing crisis in Everett.
  • Thousands of transit-oriented housing units could be built. …. And More.
  • The world is in a climate crisis.
  • Everett has ambitious Climate Action goals that need an action plan.
  • What if we created a green jobs and green neighborhood initiative?  …. And Connections.
  • How do we get from our Transit Center to the Colleges, to the Port, to the Riverfront and to Downtown Everett?
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian connections and friendly streetscapes can be designed.
  • People should be able to walk from workplaces, nearby neighborhoods and the city center to access their Transit Center. …. And Economic Vitality.
  • How do we support business success in tandem with housing and transportation?
  • How do we address equitable development that benefits all sectors of our community?
  • Job development for the evolving economy that support local businesses, fosters innovation, provides training for the trades, encourages entrepreneurship and builds capacity for climate action; all are possible.
The Convergence Study
  • Undertaken by Housing Hope in partnership with the Everett Station District Alliance.
  • Funded by the State Legislature with the support of 38th District Representatives and Senators.
  • Urban Design Leadership from firms that have studied relevant case examples of neighborhood development regionally and nationally.
The Master Plan Concept
  • Transit Oriented Development Plan:  Economic and Residential.
  • Support success of existing industry businesses.
  • Create a Placemaking HUB at the center of the neighborhood.
  • Create an environment conducive for development.
Neighborhood Trade Center
  • Partnership with Everett Community College.
  • Industry bi-products: recycling and reuse to produce new products.
  • Trade Internships and Apprenticeships in local businesses.
  • Green job program.
  • Green Industry Initiative:  Technical Assistance, Financing.
  • FTA:  Negotiate a revision of the Park and Ride lots Federal requirements for redevelopment of this property. 
  • Innovation:  Establish an 8 block innovation zone to incentivize development of creative solutions to challenges facing Everett (residential, climate, transit and industry).
  • Green Connections:  Develop the LOOP concept for green pedestrian and bicycle connections across the tracks.
  • Placemaking:  Create a plan for placemaking in the 32nd Street right-of-way and on the ground floor below residential on the existing park and ride parcel across from the train station.
President Greg thanked Past President Ed and Brook and explained in lieu of a speaker gift the club will recognize them with a donation to Domestic Violence Services, our chosen charity for the 2021-2022 Rotary year.
President Greg adjourned the meeting at 1:02 pm with a peak attendance of 51 people.
Respectfully submitted,
Andy Hall
Photos submitted,
Tammy Dunn
North Cascades Institute - A meaningful way to be outdoors;  presented by Catherine Endicott