Deborah Wright, PP, welcomed the fellow Rotarians as they joined the Zoom Meeting.
Vice President Kelli Thode called to order meeting #5408 of The Rotary Club of Everett, and meeting #5 of the 2021-22 year. Vice President Kelli lead the club in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Tom Koenig, PP, offered the 7 Rules of Life
  • Smile
  • Be Kind
  • Don’t Give Up
  • Don’t Compare
  • Avoid Negativity
  • Make Peace with Your Past
  • Take Care of Your Body & Mind
No visiting Rotarians & guests in attendance.
Vice President Kelli gave a quick board report:
Mark Johnson, Lynnwood Rotarian, was approved by the board. He will be inducted as a new member at the next meeting.
The board reviewed a number of recent COVID cases involving our members (former). Chris Covington had a serious case of COVID and he had been fully vaccinated. In the spirit of keeping all of our members safe and healthy, and in line with CDC recommendations, the next meetings will be virtual. The Board will reassess at the next board meeting.
Board approved an agreement with our bookkeeping service. We will be working through our bookkeeper for our club assistant. We hope to introduce her next week.
We will give club members a brief financial report next week. Our organization is in excellent financial position.
Zak Parpia celebrating 44th anniversary and his wife’s birthday.
Eric Irelan celebrating 6th anniversary with a special weekend in Anacortes with his wife.
Glen Bachman celebrating 51st anniversary.
PROGRAM: Diversity in Our Community
Kelli Thode, VP, introduced Louis Harris. Louis is a City of Mukilteo Councilmember, graduate of Everett Community College and Washington State University. He is Vice Chair of the NAACP and board member of the YMCA of Snohomish County.
Louis has been involved within the community since he was a student at the Everett Community College. He worked for the AmeriCorp and created a volunteer program for the college students to help middle school students with homework.
Louis is very interested in understanding race and relationships. With NAACP, he has helped organized events and campaigned advocacy. He has seen innovation growth through Snohomish County over the last seven years.
Louis has worked Brenda Bolanos-Ivory on a project that helped residents to interact better with their elected officials. He helped with creating better engagement.
He has worked on a variety of initiatives. The initiatives were bridging the gap between color people and police, working with the Lynnwood Police Taskforce, and I-940 Police Accountability Bill. By being on the Lynnwood Police Taskforce, he helped with the community having a better relationship with the police department. He was one of five community members on SMART, Snohomish County Multi-Agency Response Team.
Another board he is on is the Everett Police Chief Advisory Board. He is helping with modern day policing. Several of the Rotarians asked questions.
Vice President Kelli thanked Louis Harris for being our guest speaker and shout out to the bellringers.
Respectfully submitted,
Tammy Dunn
Photos submitted,
Tammy Dunn
Pallet Shelter in Everett – What it is, how it works and what we can expect, presented by Amy King, introduced by Greg Lineberry