Everett Rotary
Meeting of July 13, 2021, #2 of President Greg Lineberry, (#5405) was called to order at 12:01 pm by President Greg Lineberry
President Greg led the Pledge of Allegiance.
The Thought of the Day by Brian Hollingshead was a plea for blood donations and a reminder of Jim Staniford’s need during recent surgery.  Brian turned the floor over to Kelli Thode who gave us some background on the need for blood donations and provided us with a website where you could locate a site, time, etc. to give blood.  Redcross.org 
Neil Angst is working on sites to determine where our future “live, in person” meetings will take place.  Next week’s meeting will be at Funko Field, (not the offices—at the stadium.)  It is a “Bring Your Own Lunch” meeting.
Thank you to Don Steward who fixed the Rotary Computer in the office.  (By the way, Don provides all kinds of computer services:  support, updates, repairs, websites, and email services.)
George Bowden is working on the crew for the Dominican Republic Garden Project and urged those interested in making reservations so.  Ed Peterson is already there.
Steve Ellis gave 61 happy bucks for his birthday
Heather Barnhart with 49 birthday bucks
Kelli Thode proclaimed her birthday but didn’t give us a number?
Wick Temple thanked John Olson, PP, and congratulated Greg Lineberry on his presidency and in their honor, presented a Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner raffle for today.
#1 winner was Walt Greenwood who received breakfast at Totem Café, a cup of coffee from Milk House Coffee, Girl Scout Cookies and wine.
#2 winner was Steve Miller who got lunch at Jersey Mikes, coffee, Camp Fire Almond Roca and wine.
#3 winner was Dr. Mark Valentine who will have dinner at Olive Garden, coffee, Camp Fire Mints and wine.
Wick then reminded us of the need for donations of all kinds:  Food, fun, wine, etc.
Assistant Chief of Everett Fire Department in charge of education and training, Rich Llewellyn, was introduced by President Greg.   
Rich has been at this current position since 2018, covers 6 fire stations for the Everett Fire Department formed in 1892.  He mentioned that rather than be territorial, the fire department is collaborative, and you can expect help even if you live on the other side of the line.  Good to know.
Rich came to tell us about a new, not yet implemented system called Pulse Point.
Pulse Point is about delivering cardia arrest services, Hands only CPR, Defib and advanced resuscitation, hospital post cardiac, and recovery.  They want public to be trained and able to serve by-standers and to get Pulse Point app which will let people know when CPR is needed and where.  They will receive notifications, a heart will show where, a blue dot for defib, and when an AED is needed so that if you’re close and you have one in your office or conference room, you can grab it and take it where it’s needed.  A by-stander can look at the app and will be geo-located to where it needs to be.
The community will be informed about what’s happening in the area including fire, ambulance and what the status is, but will not share addresses in medical emergencies.
The app is currently in test mode here but is being used in other communities.  A grant provided 100 AEDs to be located in fire dept members’ homes or cars so they can respond to neighborhoods in Spokane.  Rich showed us a video of the firemen/women responding in off duty situations.  In King Co. a grant provides for a Medic One Pulse Point system at a cost of $35,000 with a start-up of $10,000.
President Greg thanked Rich and stated a donation in his name will be made to the Domestic Violence Center.  President Greg then invited everyone to his home on Saturday to celebrate his retirement on Saturday, July 17.  A memo to confirm time and location to out via email.
President Greg adjourned the meeting at 12:56 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Barb George
Photographs submitted,
Tammy Dunn
NEXT PROGRAM: IT’s A WHOLE NEW BALL GAME, presented by Danny Tetzlaff, introduced by Kari Petrasek
            Location: Funko Field, Everett