Rotary Club of Everett
Your reporter for the LOG today just got into the office after having driven from Pullman (Go Cougs!) this morning.  I missed the pre-meeting chatter, but I did catch that Kaye Phinney was sitting in for Barb George to be the reporter for the LOG.  I looked at our LOG report schedule and I indeed was scheduled to do the reporting for 2-22-2022. I thought about it a minute (the four-way test) and I told Kaye she didn’t have to do the LOG and that I would do it.
At 12:02 pm on Twosday, 2-22-2022 President Greg Lineberry (in person) led us in the Pledge of Allegiance as, unknowingly, did Roy Yates PP (virtually).  This began President Greg’s 33rd meeting of the year and our 5,435th meeting of the Rotary Club of Everett.  
There were 22-30 virtual attendees and 15-22 in person attendees at Hensen Hall. I apologize I should have had Bob Bavasi PP give me the numbers, he was always able to scan the crowd at an AquaSox game and provide a quick, accurate attendance count.
In honor of Black History month Tom Koenig PP presented quotes from the following two notable Americans.
Olympian Jesse Owens - “We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort”.
General Collin Powell - “Have a vision. Be demanding”.
President Elect Tammy Dunn introduced her guest Sharon Gomez-Pascual from Hotel Indigo. President Greg welcomed Sharon and thanked her for Hotel Indigo’s donation to our raffle.
President Greg said that we’ll soon be hearing more about “getting back to normal” in person Rotary meetings, with greeters, lunch, etc. since on March 21st the State is lifting its indoor restrictions.
President Elect Tammy gave an update on the fundraising activity to date. Our goal is to collect 60,000 and as of today we are at $33,645.00. Another live auction item was donated by Rich Toyer, which is a one week stay in his condominium in Mazatlan. (Thank you Rich). We are also looking for Alaska Airline mileage to go with this trip to Mexico. Please contact President Elect Tammy if you can donate miles.
President Greg mentioned that if you have an outstanding meal ticket you can get a refund up until February 28th. If you don’t want the refund those proceeds will go to our Rotary Youth Foundation.
President Greg was $80.00 happy for the $20.00 fines he leveled against three past presidents for not wearing their Rotary pins at a past president event he hosted the other night.  President Greg put in another $20.00 to make it a bell ringer and was pleased to report that the past presidents get together was to ambush the Rotarian who the selection committee had recommended for the future presidents’ position following President Elect Tammy’s year.  President Greg announced that the mystery Rotarian selected to be our future president was Neil Angst (lots of applause). Neil was very gracious for the opportunity to serve the club and he added to President Greg’s bell ringer with a $100.00 bell ringer of his own.
Mike Holcomb celebrated his 80th birthday with a $100.00 bell ringer.
Marc Baker PP was $20.00 happy that they are leaving Oregon and coming “home” for 6 weeks.
Jim Staniford gave a $100.00 bell ringer for the blood donations that helped save his life last year.
President Elect Tammy gave $110.00 for the fun vacation she had visiting her parents in Mesa, Arizona and $40.00 for the exciting Rotary upcoming year she learned about during her PETS virtual training that occurred last weekend. This all adds up to another bell ringer.
PROGRAM:   Blood Donation: A Simple, Selfless Act to Save Lives
Kelli Thode presented, Blood Donation: A Simple, Selfless Act to Save Lives. 
  • Rotary is a world leader in organizing blood drives.
  • Every two seconds, someone in America needs blood.
  • Blood cannot be manufactured, it must come from donors.
  • Blood is perishable, red cells only last 45 days and platelets only 5 days.
  • The blood supply must be constantly replenished.
  • The Red Cross must collect 15,000 donations every day for patients in need.
Kelli introduced Michelle Yim to speak to us about her personal experiences in needing and receiving blood that saved hers and her child’s lives.
Michelle, a nurse, had been working long hours, was fatigued, and wasn’t feeling well. An initial Diagnosis indicated that the problem may have been an appendicitis. When she continued feeling worse, she went to the Emergency Department and was quickly taken to a room where they started taking blood samples for testing. It became clear that after more than several blood samples were taken over a period of time that something was very concerning to the doctors.  She had been hooked up to two I.V.’s with blood being one of them. The doctor ordered 800cc’s of blood to be given to her (The “normal” amount is 50-80cc’s) and that her head be lowered so that the blood could more easily get to her brain. 
The Doctor said she had leukemia and would have died by the next morning if she hadn’t received this blood. A year prior to this her 7-week-old son needed heart surgery and he too received a lifesaving amount of blood. She was so grateful to all those that donated blood that saved her and her son.
Michelle’s friend Claudine Toh spoke about how she got involved in donating blood and donating platelets.
She said it is so satisfying knowing that you are helping save someone’s life.  Her enthusiasm also rubbed off on her teenage son and his friends who also have been donating blood. 
Our Rotary Club, along with the Everett Elks Club, is having a Blood Drive on Friday March 4th between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm. You must be registered to donate.  To do so please go to or call Kelli. 
Thank you, Heather Barnhart, and Brian Hollingshead, for your involvement and volunteerism on this project.
Tom Koenig PP said he is on 4 different medications, and he wanted to know if this would affect him being eligible to donate blood?  Kelli said the best way to find the answer would be to call 1-800-Red Cross or look up an answer by logging into
Marc Baker PP said that there are two organizations in Snohomish County that set up blood donation sites, The Red Cross and Blood Works NW.  Kelli said they both have contracts to supply blood to local Hospitals and to use either one when wanting to donate blood.
Heather Barnhart asked how long it takes to donate blood?  Kelli said about 30 minutes.
Ed Petersen PP said he had traveled to the Dominican Republic and when he got back, he was declined to donate blood.  Kelli said this is an issue, in fact she had been in Mexico and couldn’t donate blood for a year. The best way to find out if your foreign travel will affect your ability to donate blood is by calling   1-800-Red Cross or going online to
Mark Valentine PP asked if the staff who are taking the blood are phlebotomists?  Kelli said yes, they are trained phlebotomists.
Jim Staniford asked how often one can donate blood?  Kelli said every 8 weeks.
President Greg thanked Kelli, Michelle and Claudine and explained in lieu of a speaker gift the club will recognize them with a donation to Domestic Violence Services, our chosen charity for the 2021-2022 Rotary year.
President Greg adjourned the meeting at 1:02 pm with a peak attendance of 37-52 people.
Meeting adjourned.    
Respectfully Submitted,
Andy Hall
Photography Submitted by.
Tammy Dunn
Sound Transit, presented by Paul Roberts
March 1st meeting is Zoom Meeting