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Rotary Log 04-06-21
President John Olson rang the bell at 12:00, calling to order meeting #5392 of the Rotary Club of Everett, our 39th virtual meeting.
He led the club in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Zak Parpia presented the Thought of the Day, reading a 11th Century Persian poem which applies today.
There were no visiting Rotarians. Greg Lineberry introduced Don Schwab, who will be a member soon.
Kari Petrasek announced that Thursday is Rotary Virtual Happy Hour.
President John announced that the Rotary District 5050 Conference is May 14th – 15th. He will be sending an email to the membership inviting everyone to join the conference as it is virtual this year.
President John thanked Don Steward and Rich Toyer for helping with QuickBooks. He also thanked Greg Lineberry, Kelly Shepherd, Neil Angst, Kari Petrasek, and Sonya Kraski for stepping up to help with administrative duties.
Deborah Wright had a “bellringer” for her 76th birthday.
Zak Parpia had a “bellringer” as his wife was very happy about the Rotary Foundation raffle item he won.
Greg Lineberry gave $20 as Teresa had surgery for her frozen shoulder.
PROGRAM: Mood Management/Mood Control: Maintaining Optimism & Positivity
Russ Kimball introduced Dan Haygeman. Russ has known Dan for many years. Dan specializes in coaching skills and performance skills. He was a Rotarian with the TriCities Rotary Club and Tacoma Rotary Club for 12 years.
Dan stated that we have all been pressed to learn and to have a different perspective on the world. More leverage, more likely to succeed.
He described three points of leverage. Clarity – if not clear enough, don’t get ahead; Committed Action – get into the action; Genuine Support – Renewing relationships. He stated that Rotary stays connected and provides the genuine support.
Mood is the biggest leverage point. “Mood is everything….. It’s not the Only Thing….. But it is everything.”
“Because the right conversation….. In the wrong mood…. Is the wrong conversation.”
Mood – What is It? It is an internal conversation I am having with myself about my future.
Dan described and gave examples of the Basic Moods of Life. We have Assessments and Declarations.
Assessments are Facticity – Facts I cannot change, Possibility – could do; and Uncertainty – do not know. It is important to know which column you are in as this helps with assessing your mood or someone else’s mood.
Declarations produce a future. The two declarations are “I Accept” and “I Resist”. Different mood based on whether you accept or resist.
Where are you with the conversation about your future? Dan stated that there are two ways – Change your body and Change your mind.
A third way is Do Something Bold for Someone else.
President John thanked Dan for his presentation. He wished everyone a great week.
Meeting adjourned.
Respectfully submitted by
Tammy Dunn
Photographs by
Tammy Dunn
Club Assembly – presented by Kari Petrasek