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Apr 27, 2021
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Rotary Log 04-20-21
The pre-meeting ZOOMER turnout wasn’t as well attended as usual.  An overheard discussion between Zeb Cobbs and Sean Kelly (who both clicked into the meeting early) indicated that we Rotarians are used to receiving an emailed link to easily click-on to get into our noon meeting (even though the link has been the same for virtually every virtual meeting). Today we all needed to search for a previous emailed link in order to get in.  Greg Lineberry will straighten us all out by sending  a weekly link reminder to avoid the log in delays we experienced today. With all that the meeting only started 3 minutes late.
President John Olson, began his 41st meeting, our 57th virtual meeting and our 5,394th meeting of the Rotary Club of Everett.
President John delivered the Pledge of Allegiance and led us into our action packed meeting on this clear sunny and warm Tuesday.
Sean Kelly graciously stepped in at the very last second to provide an off the cuff Thought Of The Day that centered around the COVID vaccination and whom is electing to get vaccinated and whom is electing not to get vaccinated.  The politics (not to be discussed in Rotary ) of which seem reversed from years gone by.  The wrap up indicated that Ted Nugent had COVID and that the Cat Scratch Fever songwriter had never felt more sick.
Fred Safstrom introduced his guest Athena-Thao Dang, who is interested in Rotary and interested in volunteer services.
Greg Lineberry introduced the counselors who were in attendance today to see their students receive recognition as Students of the Month.  Darcie Copper from Cascade High School, Dayna Weir from Everett High School and Tricia Schuldt from Sequoia High School
Greg Lineberry introduced Ken and Susan Riker the parents of Molly Riker (Everett High School student of the month)
Julie Herber provided us with information about a local impact project that the Mill Creek Rotary is doing that may be of interest to our club. The company that makes TREX products (wood alternative items) is collecting low density plastics to use in the manufacture of their products.  For every 500 pounds collected and turned into them they will donate a bench.  The Mill Creek Rotary is collecting these normally non-recyclable products to help keep them out of the landfills and when the reach their first 500 pounds donated to TREX the bench they receive will indicate how their club helped the environment.
Tom Kozaczynski  invited all of us to tour Compass Health’s 82 unit housing project on Broadway that will serve our Cities population with mental health issues, homelessness, etc.  The virtual tour will be on May 21st between 12:00 and 12:30 pm.
Kari Petrasek mentioned for those who want to attend the International Rotary Convention in Taipei this June it is only going to cost $65.00 but if you pay before May 7th it will only cost you $49.00.  This is a virtual convention and Kari will send out the registration details to all of us soon.
President John reminded us that committee signups will be coming out soon so to sign up for what interests you and if you don’t sign up then you’ll be drafted onto a committee(s) that you may not know will be of interest to you.
Randy Hansen, PP, gave a deserving tribute to a past Rotary Club of Everett member who passed away last week.  Gene Dvornick joined our club in 1991 after retiring from the Navy. His leadership skills and his commanding presence were a positive influence on the club, especially on the younger members.  He was a solid guy and he’ll be greatly missed.
Amanda Overly introduced Molly Riker as the Everett High School Student of the Month.  Molly’s interests include tennis, reading and the Interact Club projects. She really liked how EHS has created a community of success and she feels prepared for her college career at Pacific Lutheran University and pursuing her studies to become a registered nurse with a special interest in elderly care.
Marybeth Dingledy introduced IIario Smith as the Sequoia High School Student of the Month.  IIario was described by his teachers as an enthusiastic person who provides a positive atmosphere in his classes.  He was thankful that he will graduate on time and for the support of the Sequoia community that has provided him the structure that will guide him as he pursues his post high school interests
Greg Lineberry introduced Katina Nguyen as the Cascade High School Student of the Month.  Katina was involved in cheer, student government, leadership, Interact, Key Club, tutoring and she works part time too. Katina has a passion for STEM subjects and is going to the University of Washington to major in Bio-Medical Engineering.
There wasn’t enough time to do happy dollars and birthday bucks at this juncture of the meeting.  I understand that Julie Herber gave happy dollars through the CHAT at the end of the meeting.  Next week’s LOG reporter please note to acknowledge Julie’s donation.
Wick Temple assembled an assortment of prizes from his treasure chest that were won by these three lucky Rotarians.
Amy Norman, PP, won a bottle of wine, a WI-FI smart outlet, Girl Scout cookies and a work from home hat.
Kelly Thode won a bottle of wine, a WI-FI smart outlet, Girl Scout cookies and a Starbuck’s card.
Joe Gaffney won a heated mug, a bottle of wine, Girl Scout cookies and a work from home hat.
Wick will arrange for the delivery of these prizes, thank you to all that participated in the raffle.
PROGRAM:  April Surgent – Art & the Environment
Sean Kelly introduced April Surgent who then took us on a journey of what has helped influence her art and passion for the environment.
April was born in Missoula, Montana and grew up in Kenmore, Washington  As a young girl she and her mother visited Granville Island in Vancouver, B.C..  There she watched glass blowers and she found that amazing.  On her 15th birthday her parents present to her was lessons in how to blow glass and from there she was hooked. After high school she enrolled in the Australian National University School of Art in Canberra where she learned other forms of working with glass including working in the cold shop (reductive process).
After her time in Canberra she received a scholarship to study at the Pilchuck Glass School (Snohomish County) where she found a mentor in Jiri Harcuba a master glass engraver from the Czech Republic.  He had a strong influence on her work and she worked with him for twelve years until his passing.
She was very interested in how people interacted with places and during the economic crash in 2008 she became more reflective in her art.  As the issue of climate change became more prevalent her art focus looked at how humans impact the environment.  This led to her being able to be side by side with other artists and writers with scientists at the Palmer Station in Antarctica. 
She learned that the process of observations and research she did for her art was very similar to what the scientists were doing.  This work adventure led her to another opportunity on the Pearl and Hermes atoll which is 1,300 miles NW of Honolulu. 
On this uninhabited island she spent several months with two others observing the wildlife and finding and cleaning up ocean debris that washed ashore including fishing nets, plastics and hundreds of discarded lighters. 
These experiences continue to shape her work as her interest in researching the blending of art and science lies in E. Tolle’s philosophy that awareness is the greatest agent for change and her belief that the dialogue between art and science is imperative for a most informed and diversified understanding of life on earth.
President John adjourned the meeting at 1:04 pm
Respectfully Submitted,
Andy Hall
Photography Submitted,
Tammy Dunn
Everett YMCA Update - presented by Peyton Tune