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Rotary Log 10-06-20
The Rotary Club of Everett
Early Zoomer’s to the meeting provided comic chit chat consisting of baby boomer references to the TV shows Laugh In and Hollywood Squares. Technical challenges were voiced by Ed Rubatino who used his phone to call in as his new headset for the computer wasn’t working and Pastor Paul Stoot checked in to get the link from Greg Lineberry so he could do his presentation for our program today. There were more comments and greetings between Rotarians as we inched toward the noon hour.
President John Olson, with the assistance of Greg Lineberry, muted the crowd at 12:01 pm to start his/our 14th meeting of the year, our 30th virtual meeting in a row and the 5,367th meeting of the Rotary Club of Everett.
Randy Hansen’s Thought of the Day was titled “Success is not what you have but what you have become.” He credited Rotary for helping play a part in all our lives in becoming “successful”.
Mike Holcomb chimed in to remind President John that we skipped the Pledge of Allegiance. President John, never missing a beat, smoothly transitioned and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Unfortunately, we did not have any visiting Rotarians or guests today.
Amanda Overly thanked her sponsor Kelly Shepard for introducing her to our Rotary Club. We were then treated to a well-organized power point presentation that in 3 minutes provided us with her birth place in Illinois, her formative years growing up near the white sandy beaches of Sarasota, Florida, her pursuit of higher education in the sciences at Florida State University, University of Florida and at Central Florida. 
Her career path lead her to become a science teacher an elementary school principal and the principal of Everett High School.   In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors, mentoring young women in leadership skills and her extended family.
Kari Petrasek gave us an update on the Happy Hour that took place last Thursday evening.  The group shared their favorite fall cocktail recipes, via zoom, and talked about their other favorite fall activates. The next Happy Hour will be on Thursday October 15th.
President John reminded us that the District Governor, Carol Tichelman, will visit our club on October 20th and she will visit our Board meeting at the end of this month.
President John would like more meeting sponsors and 3 minute talks  about how our businesses have “pivoted” during the COVID crisis. 
Kari Petrasek was $30.00 happy for her recent fly fishing and horseback riding trip in Montana.
Tammy Dunn was able to visit her parents last week and she donated $100.00 “priceless” dollars for having that opportunity to go home to Belgrade/Bozeman, Montana.  She knew they would put her to work and they did as she stacked 5 cords of wood for them (Bell Ringer).  It sounded like a happy trip and she got to see her high school friends too.
Larry O’Donnell reminded us that 100 years ago the Everett High School football team went undefeated and won the national high school championship. He was happy to donate $100.00 (Bell Ringer)
Randy Hansen was $100.00 happy (Bell Ringer) for Larry O. (Ditto from our entire Club)
An anonymous message was “Chatted” to Greg that Ed Rubantino was on that Everett High School football team 100 years ago.  Larry O. confirmed that yes indeed Ed was on the team as a left guard as was he (Larry) right next to him at left tackle.  
Winner No. 1 - Heather Barnheart, 3 super bright LED lanterns, Girl Scout cookies (Tagalongs), 1 bottle of White Wine and Boy Scout cooking (recipe)cards.
Winner No. 2 - Michael Holcomb, Boy Scout Popcorn with a Popcorn Popper, A gift card to Katana Restaurant and a Mini super Frisbee.
Winner No. 3 - Will McMahon, 1,000-piece (medium difficulty) Jig Saw Puzzle, 1 bottle of White Wine and a super cute set of salt and pepper shakers that resemble S’mores.
Program:  A Season of Care - The Education Crisis
Brian Hollingshead mentioned that he had attended a fundraising Gala last year for the Greater Trinity Academy (The school in South Everett run by Dr. Pastor Paul Stoot).  He was impressed by the student presentations and their advanced level of reading and writing.  With that Brian introduced our own Pastor Paul who provided us with the following information about Greater Trinity Academy and his topic
Pastor Paul said that the name Greater Trinity Academy has been changed to Rise Up Academy.  Rise up Academy deals with under privileged children who typically wouldn’t get the chances in life that many of us or our children have experienced.  The school recognizes these disadvantages and under the Curriculum Specialist, former NFL great Dr. Terry Metcalf, they have created a Reading and Writing Workshop Method that understands the importance of creating a solid foundation for a child’s reading and writing skills.
The teacher’s focus on each child as an individual that allow that child to learn and grow at their own pace. This means that a child conquers elements of his or her reading and writing a little slower or even a little quicker than other students in the same class, both sets of students need the teacher’s individual attention in order to succeed (Being supportive; like Randy’s Thought of the Day message).
This curriculum and how it is taught supports Rise Up Academy’s Mission Statement
  • To eliminate the achievement gap by providing high quality, innovative academic experience stimulating a child’s enthusiasm for learning throughout their educational career and beyond.
As all schools are going through, the COVID 19 pandemic has created challenges, changes and new learning opportunities for the students and teacher’s.  First and foremost is that the school will make necessary changes to make sure that the learning needs of the underserved children they teach and nourish will be met.
The theme song for the Rise Up Academy is Rise Up. 
   -   The message in that song is, in spite of difficulties do not lose hope.
As a testament to Rise Up Academy, as their students “age” out and move into the public schools or other private school systems, there are many examples of the school’s students who excel which is a tremendous achievement when compared to these same underprivileged students peers.
Closing Remarks:
President John thanked Pastor Paul and Terry Metcalf for their presentation and let them know that in lieu of a speaker stipend our club will make a donation to the Everett Boys and Girls Club in their behalf.  He also thanked all of the Happy Buck contributors and bell ringers.
Respectfully Submitted,
Andy Hall
Photography Submitted,
Tammy Dunn
Next Program,
“General Assembly” presented by Kari Petrasek