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Tammy Dunn
Club Information
Welcome to our club!
We Add Value to our Community Through Service
We meet Tuesdays at 12:00 PM
Legion Memorial Golf Course
144 West Marine View Drive
Everett, WA  98201
United States of America
(425) 259-9141
(425) 258-1341
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Rotary Log 09-08-20
The Rotary Club of Everett
President John rang the Rotary bell at 12 noon, calling to order meeting #5363 of the Rotary Club of Everett; meeting #10 of his presidency and virtual meeting #26.
Amy Norman, PP, lead us with the Pledge of Allegiance.
Walt Greenwood wrote a country song “Drove up in a Pickup truck” and his good friend Bill Mitchell joined him.
Tom Koenig, PP, presented the Thought of the Day, providing quotes of people working hard. One of the quotes was from Vince Lombardi, Green Bay Packers legendary coach. “The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.”
No Visiting Rotarians. Guests:  Sean Kelly introduced Belinda Buscher, Business Consultant, and Sarah Frauenholtz, associate with Merrill Lynch.
President John announced that Toastmasters has an affiliation with Rotary International and there will be a virtual event on October 3rd. If interested contact Scott Friedman,
Tammy Dunn reminded the membership to go to the club website and follow the links to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This will expand the club’s exposure on social media.
President John announced Business Sponsorships will kickoff in October. This is an opportunity to pitch your business or organization of choice. Please contact John if interested.
President John also announced a Membership – Business Innovation will kick off the last week of September.
Steve Miller, PP, had sad dollars as his sister, Bonnie, passed away after a long battle with cancer. She was able to hold her first grandchild. Steve is purchasing a Paul Harris in her name. Prayers to you Steve and your family.
Zeb Cobbs gave birthday and anniversary dollars; “a 2 bell ringer”.
Ralph Quaas had happy dollars for 100% attendance for 56 years.
Kelli Thode had 29th Anniversary dollars and gave a report on the work Red Cross is doing to help the fires in Washington State.
Deane Minor had happy dollars in honor of his mother’s 91st birthday.
Deborah Wright, PP, had 100 proud dollars for the work that Ed Petersen, PP, is doing with HopeWorks.
Kellly Shepherd in collaboration with Amanda Overly, are $100 happy for revolutionary virtual learning school year.
Ed Petersen, PP, is $200 happy for receiving the first Platinum Leed Certification for their new building, kudos to Sean and John, and 52nd anniversary.
George Bowden was happy as Elvis was in the backseat and they were headed to Lake Crescent.
Wick Temple and Theresa Frothington announced the Raffle Winners. Winners were
Heather Barnhart, Michael Holcomb, and Anna Marie Laurence.
PROGRAM: Student’s Rights – Civil Liberties & Higher Education
Sean Kelly introduced today’s speaker, Samantha Harris from Philadelphia.
Samantha discussed how the issues she works on connect with the Rotary’s 4 Way Test. She provided insights on Jonathan Rauch’s checklist and gave College examples to how the cancelled culture compared to the Rotary’s 4 Way Test. Cancelled culture fails the 4 Way Test. Collective action is necessary. We should stand up as a group and allow people to express their support.
Samantha answered questions.
President John thanked our speaker and announced next week’s program, Esports + Education. He then adjourned the meeting.
Respectfully submitted,
Tammy Dunn
Photography submitted,
Tammy Dunn
Next Program:  
“Esports + Education” presented by Jake Greene, Northwest Esports, introduced by Tammy Dunn