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Rotary Log 08-24-21
Meeting (5411th of Rotary Club, 8th of the year) was called to order by President Greg Lineberry who led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
The Thought of the Day was provided by Bob Bavasi who really believes that Casey Stengle manages Heaven’s baseball team which is umpired by the Devil’s umpires.
There were no guests and no visiting Rotarians to introduce today.
Kari  Petrasek announced that the next Happy Hour would take place on 8/26, at 5:30 PM hoping for another summer day before rain for week end
President Greg reminded members of the car show in downtown Everett this weekend and that the Board meeting would be virtual and in person
President Greg also reminded us that generally, the meeting link is same as last week (for those of us who can’t seem to get on in time for the Pledge.)
Pastor Paul Stoot, $100 sad dollars in memory of adopted daughter, Tierra Renae Jones, who passed away as she was unable to get a heart transplant.
Marc Baker gifted Rotary $100 for his 76th birthday, because he’s very happy to keep on going.
Joe Gaffney gave $100 to celebrate his 20th wedding anniversary
Anna Marie Lawrence celebrated with $25 in acknowledgement of a $1,000 partnership endowment fund from Coastal Community Bank.  Anna Marie is looking for more donor partners for scholarships.  She recognized Kaye Phinney from Coastal for the gift.  Kaye said they were honored that they we asked.
PROGRAM: Everett’s Rethink Housing Draft Plan
President Greg introduced Becky McCrary and Charles Atkins for today’s program:  Everett’s “Rethink Housing Draft Plan” 
Charles briefly introduced himself as working on the health policy with the Children’s Alliance and member of a Native American tribe in California.  He introduced Becky as a Snohomish County planner working on the Housing Draft Plan for City of Everett’s “Re-think Housing program.”
Becky started by notifying us of the Community Outreach meeting to explain the Everett Rethink Housing Draft Plan and receive feedback from the community will be held on Thursday at 1pm and will be recorded so that you can access it at and give feedback to the City Council.
Becky’s report was extensive and included the need for 20,000 units for housing, the Affordability and Availability crisis, housing for homeless as the most difficult and complicated by COVID, the need to create a more equitable housing opportunity.  She talked about renters are experiencing more burdens, so they have to choose between food, medicine, housing, transportation in limited budgets. 
She talked about the action plan, partnering with transportation services, where we can add density, monitoring and review, developing long term funding strategies, various models of housing alternatives (ADUs = Accessory Dwelling Units), how Everett can keep up with density requirements, zoning changes required for comprehensive plan, displacement risks, costs of permitting, etc. as an issue.
President Greg thanked Becky and Charles for their report and work on housing for our community.  He told them that a thank you gift in their name would be given to the for Domestic Violence Services Snohomish County.  He also thanked to Anna Marie and Kaye/Coastal for working on the scholarship fund.  He said Happy birthday to Marc, Happy Anniversary to Joe, and condolences to Pastor Paul for the Memorial to Tierra Ranae.
Respectfully submitted,
Barb George
Photos submitted,
Tammy Dunn
Everett Community College in Covid World – Update, presenter Dr. Daria Willis