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Rotary Log 04-21-20
Meeting of April 21, 2020 #40 (5345) “Virtual Meeting #6” was rang to order by President Steve Miller who was on location at his home.  He then led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
“Everett Update” presented by Mayor Cassie Franklin introduced by President Steve Miller
Highlights include a PowerPoint presentation that talked about the impacts of the shutdown, the impacts of Stay Home/Stay Safe order and the road back to a new normal.  Said there has been a 75% reduction in business, and it hurts everyone. Boeing is restarting slowly.  There is a website, that we can use to buy from businesses that are open.
To reopen we need more test capacity and business will need safety plans, PPE and sanitizers. We don’t want to flood the hospitals when we restart.  Right now, there is a 1 to 1 sickness ratio so it will probably phase in over three weeks.
Q and A:
Amy Norman, PP, asked about enforcing laws related to trespassing and graffiti.  The Mayor said the police are enforcing but that they can’t put people in jail because they are rejected.  Asked to be contacted if Amy hears that police aren’t enforcing the law as it isn’t policy.
Judi Edwards asked about the outlook for meetings, like our Rotary meeting.  The Mayor said that it may be a while before groups of 50 or larger could meet again and suggested we plan to go virtual for some time.
Bill Finley asked about maintain hospital capacity and PPE to restart elective surgeries. The Mayor said she felt the medical fields were one of the ones most prepared to reopen as long as they had supplies.  She was going to talk with the Governor later today.
Mary Toews asked about helping small non-profits so they can survive.  Mayor Franklin hopes the city grants will help.
Walt Greenwood asked what steps were being taken to increase testing and contact tracing.  Mayor Franklin said public health has been very underfunded and that they state is trying to build its capacity quickly. 
Russ Kimble gave the Thought of the Day. “History does not repeat itself, but it often rhymes”. Russ said that this has happened before and that we should plan for the future based on the past.
President Steve introduced Julie Willie, South Everett/Mukilteo Rotary & Former Everett Rotary.
  • Scholarship Committee: Russ Kimball - Virtual interviews scheduled with students on May 2. Still need two volunteers to help us award over $200,000 in scholarships.
  • Induction of New Member: Kay Fantin was sworn in by President Miller as our newest member. She is a previous Rotary member, works for the Everett Public School foundation and her hobbies include baking, golf and watersports.
  • Membership Minute: Marybeth Dingledy talked about her first meeting as George Bowden’s invitee.  She said she had no idea what Rotary was but learned it was a group of people who care about the community and how to make it better.
  • Happy Hour: Kelly Shepherd reminded everyone of the virtual happy hour on the 23rd at 5:30. Grab an appetizer and a drink and join the group from the safety of your own home.
  • President’s messages:
    • Judi Edward is leaving us soon and there is a committee that is down to just a few candidates to interview.  Judi will be missed when she heads off into the sunrise.
    • Food Bank and Blood Drive: Please donate to your food bank and please donate blood
  • Barbara George - $100 bell ringer as she is donating the money she saves by working from home. She also added $76 for her birthday.
  • Judi Edwards – moving soon
  • Brenda Bolanos-Ivory – No COVID in our homeless population.
  • Mark Valentine – 45 years of marriage
  • Erik Samuelson – Thanking Coastal Community Bank for getting a loan to keep his program going in the high school.
President Steve thanked everyone for attending and thanked Kay for joining the club, Barbara George for the Bell Ringer and Julie Willie for attending as a guest.
Rotary Connects the World
Respectfully submitted,
Tony Orso
Next Program:  
“WSU in Everett Update” presented by Paul Pitre, introduced by Steve Miller