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Rotary Log 10-20-20
The Rotary Club of Everett
The Early Zoomer’s today, Ralph Quass and Wick Temple, were talking about trees being cut down and chipping the trees in lieu of sending the logs off to get milled.  Evidently the surrounding houses and wires prevented that from being a consideration. Dr. Tom Koenig piped in that he has an excess of beavers on his “duck” property that he would be glad to loan out to help get those trees chipped up.
President John Olson, with the assistance of Greg Lineberry, hushed the crowd at 12:00 pm to start his/ours 16th meeting of the year, our 32nd virtual meeting in a row and the 5,369th meeting of the Rotary Club of Everett.  President John led us through the Pledge of Allegiance and into our meeting.
Sean Kelly’s Thought of the Day began with a quote from a speaker he heard on a recent web-conference who declared that a product of the Pandemic was the realization that we would have to be more collectivist in our approach to problems. His quote was “We have to overcome the false narrative of rugged individualism.”  Sean’s Rotary Reflex kicked in; is this True? (the truth).  A week later Sean read an article by a Yale professor in the Wall Street Journal that indicated the Pandemic has fostered more self-reliance - from home cooking to haircuts to home repairs.  People took more personal responsibility for their own medical care and for decisions about professional treatment, given risks of going to a health care facility.  The full impact of the Pandemic may not be known for years. As Abraham Lincoln observed in his second inaugural address “Neither party expected for a war the magnitude or the duration which it has already attained …. Each looked for an easy triumph, and a result less fundamental and astounding.”
Visiting Rotarians: Shawn O’Donnell, Assistant District Governor, and Carol Tichelman, District Governor.
Guests: Jeff Moore introduced his guest, Anthony Anderson, who is the new Stem Director for the Everett School District. Anthony is an Air Force veteran who came to the District from Pittsburgh, PA.
Cascade High School
Pastor Paul Stoot introduced Arshpreet Kaur and her counselor Darcie Cooper.
Arshpreet is a natural leader who strives to always improve herself.  She is the captain of the girl’s wrestling team and she is on the Everett youth advisory Board. 
Everett High School
Dr. Tom Koenig introduced Amina Hussein, her counselor Dayna Weir and her Avid teacher Amy Stifter.
Amina was born in a refugee camp and she has grown to be a dedicated, positive, and humble person. She is a four-year Avid student and she has a passion for social justice.  Amina will be attending Howard University next year.
Sequoia High School
Laura Zorick introduced Leyla Ozturk, Lynnann Ozturk, her mother, and her counselor Trisha Schultz.
Leyla is in the dental program at Sno-Isle Skill Center and wants to pursue a career in the dental field. She has perseverance, a dynamic personality and she loves to be outside with her dog.
Tom Kozaczynski, from Compass Health, shared with us what they have been doing to provide services to over 17,500 people spread out over several counties.  They have a Telehealth program that allows them to virtually connect to patients.  During this Pandemic they have had a 1,000 % increase in services provided through this program.  It has been working so well that they see this as an important tool and the future of how they can provide health care to their patients.
Pastor Stoot was happy that his Greater Trinity Academy (Rise up Academy) is having a Virtual Auction this coming Saturday at 6:00 pm.  Please visit their web site to register.  Please join the other Rotarians who have already signed up to support these deserving students. 
Jeff Moore was happy for Superintendent Dr. Ian Saltzman who has been selected to be on a forty-person nationwide panel called Chiefs for Change.  Their mission is to promote academic achievement and share a deep commitment to excellence and equity for all students. 
Ed Petersen wanted to congratulate Dr. Saltzman and that he is happy that he is running our School District. I was listening this time and Ed donated $20.00.
Winner No. 1 - Kelly Shepard, Candy, coffee mugs, coffee, and wine.
Winner No. 2 - Neil Angst, Candy, A Cowboy Cookbook and salt and pepper shakers designed to look like outhouses.
Winner No. 3 - George Bowden, An elaborate fishing tool kit, wine, and candy.
PROGRAM:  Rotary District 5050 - District Governor
Assistant District Governor, Shawn O’Donnell, introduced our District Governor Carol Tichelman.
Carol grew up in Vancouver, spent eight years in Prince George as a Branch Manager of a Bank. She joined Rotary while in Prince George. In 1995 she moved to Chilliwack to be closer to family and friends and the lower mainland.  She joined the Rotary Club of Chilliwack and since then has accomplished the following in Rotary:
  • Two-time president of her Rotary Club
  • District 5050 Trainer, 2006-2009
  • District Conference Chair, 2009
  • Faculty member of the Rotary Leadership Institute, since 2007
  • District Visioning Coordinator, 2007 – 2013
  • Assistant District Governor, 2009- 2011
  • Instructor Pacific Northwest PETS, 2012-2014
  • She has attended many International Conventions.
  • Friendship Exchange to Brazil in 2015
  • Delivered wheelchairs to Mexico in 2004
  • Rotary service work including Polio Immunizations to Ethiopia and Uganda every year since 2009 (except for 2016)
  • Received the Rotary Foundation’s International Service Award in 2015
  • Received the 2016 Rotary Service Above Self Award.
District Governor Carol’s message(s) to the Rotary Club of Everett. She is honored to serve our District as its Governor. None of us were trained to run a Club or a District in a Pandemic and yet here we are conducting meetings, supporting our communities continuing our philanthropic programs locally and internationally.
Because of what we are going through we will have more dynamic and effective clubs than before the old “normal”.
Rotary is an invitation to endless opportunities.
Follow Rotary President Holger Knaack’s message - Rotary Opens Opportunities
  • Clubs need Change.
  • Create a five-year Strategic Plan (She thanked our Club for being well into this process).
  • Select new members carefully, make sure they are a good fit and then help them thrive.
  • Continue our efforts to end Polio.
Rotary and Rotarians can do extraordinary things. In 2018 a study conducted by John Hopkins University estimated the value of Rotary member volunteer hours at $850,000,000.00 a year. Rotarians share a unique passion, we see solutions not problems.
Her father had Polio; so she has a passion to help eradicate it. While volunteering to immunize children in Africa she remembers the look of appreciation on the faces of mothers whose child was given the vaccine. There is still work to do in Afghanistan and Pakistan to eradicate wild Polio. Unfortunately, it is too dangerous to go into those country’s today.
There is a District wide encouragement to donate blood.  President John will provide us with donation forms.
District 5050 is putting together several Toastmaster Workshops to help any Rotarian who wants to learn techniques in leadership and communication.  The first session is on October 26th.  Please look in the District website for more information.
The District Conference (hopefully there will be one) is scheduled for May 13-16, 2021 in Chilliwack.
The International Convention will be held (hopefully) in Taipei in June for 2021.
District Governor Carol’s Rotary moment.
She cherished her wonderful family growing up but sometimes she and her mother clashed. Her mother thought that the time Carol spent volunteering on Rotary projects should be spent in volunteering at church.  When her father passed away in 1996, at age 68, Carol included her mother on a Rotary trip to Mexico to deliver wheelchairs.   The very next morning, after they arrived in Mexico, Carol’s mother, with tears in her eyes, told Carol she could see that Carol and Rotary were doing God’s work on earth and from then until her passing she attended Carol’s Rotary meetings became a multiple Paul Harris Fellow and a Legacy Donor.
She thanked our Club for the generous donations we give to the District and Internationally, our outstanding scholarship program, our community service and our commitment to international service projects.
People of Action.
Past President Steve Miller was recognized by the District for transitioning our Club into the Zoom era when the Pandemic hit us last March and for his creative fundraising for our Club.
Anne Marie Lawrence was recognized for her virtual work and the challenges that brings with it in her organizing of the Scholarships, Students of the Month and finding Business Partners to help fund the scholarships.
Meeting Adjourned:
President John adjourned the meeting at 1:00 pm
Respectfully Submitted,
Andy Hall
Photography Submitted,
Tammy Dunn
Next Program,
“What’s New at The Children’s Museum” presented by Nancy Johnson, introduced by Bill Finley