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Rotary Log 12-14-21
Rotary Club of Everett
This hybrid meeting was called to order by President Greg Lineberry at 12:04 pm.  The meeting was Rotary Club of Everett’s #5427 and President Greg’s #25 meeting.
President Greg then led us in the Pledge of Allegiance after a minor technical difficulty.
Tom Koenig brought Mark Twain’s words to share as the Thought for the Day.
Mark Valentine presented Paul McCartney’s Christmas music “A Wonderful Christmas Time.”  
No visiting Rotarians on hand today.  Guests included three students to be introduced later.
President Greg reminded us that the Everett H.S. Choir will entertain and to bring a toy for donation and enjoy pizza together.
Ed Petersen announced that the planning for the next trip to the Dominican Republic in February will be meeting at Ed Petersen’s house at 5:30pm today, in person and by Zoom to discuss and decide upon 6 different projects.  His address is 1524 Grand Ave.  Send an email to Ed to let him know you’ll be attending.
President Greg also mentioned the survey about the facility which he sent online.  Please comment for the vote on Friday morning.
Roy Yates gave a bellringer for 61st anniversary with compliments to his wife Barb.
Kelly Shepherd gave $20 for new Sequoia t-shirt for Rotary sponsorship.
Jim Staniford $100 for good medical reports and decreasing meds.

Roy Yates introduced Revy Roberts and her mother Trish from Cascade.  Revy is president of Interact, is taking Sports Medicine.
Mike Holcomb introduced Annicka Pollack from Everett High.  She is studying chemistry.
Tom Koenig introduced David Escamilla Gonzalez and his parents.  David is from Sequoia and plans to go to Everett Community College.
President Greg described the Rotary Service Above Self coins to acknowledge the students and remind them to apply for scholarships.
PROGRAM: “Civil Rights:  Ideal vs Reality”
Kari Petrasek introduced Braden Pence, Civil and Criminal Public Defender in Everett. 
He defined civil rights as personal rights protected by law—statutes, remedies, etc., but conceded that the tension of ideal Justice is that the original definition was talking about white men, a concept of disregarding the genocide which occurred when taking land from those who lived here, displacing natives, keeping slaves and treating women as property.  We have the discomfort of this acknowledgement as justice evolves.   
We do have problems, things that make it harder for some people.  It keeps recurring, we compartmentalize it, we need to bring these issues home.  He used the red line districts as an example where the government racially discriminated with loans to create ghettos.  Now today’s example of the health care example:  addiction, mental health. People who have resources stay out of trouble vs those that don’t, get in trouble.
We need to expand the definition of who matters, what is protected to have reform.  For a more perfect union, we need to acknowledge that we aren’t perfect, it is never done.  Struggle continually with no end date.  It is a life-long work.  Questions and comments followed.
President Greg commented that the arc gets bent by your work, not by just talking about it.  He presented Braden with the acknowledgement of a gift to Domestic Violence; thanked the students; thanked Roy and Jim for bellringers.  He reminded us not to forget the survey, World Committee Service Committee at Ed’s tonight and adjourned the meeting at 1:00pm.
Respectfully Submitted by,
Barb George
Photography Submitted by.
Tammy Dunn
NEXT PROGRAM – January 4, 2022:
Sno-Isle Tech Skills Center presented by Wes Allen, introduced Anna Marie Laurence