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Rotary Log 02-08-22
Rotary Club of Everett
At 12:02 PM President Greg led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.  This began his 31st meeting of the year and our 5,433rd meeting of the Rotary Club of Everett.  
Eric Samuelson gave the thought of the day. The thought was about the origin of Black History Month. In the early 1900’s, the Negro History Week was created. Over the years, Black History Month came about.
No visiting Rotarians. Guests include Kelli Thode’s guest, Rachel Katchen, Red Cross Site Coordinator.
Kelli Thode reminded us about blood drive that our club and the Everett Elks Club will be jointly involved in. The blood drive is March 4th at the Elk’s Club.  You must be registered, which you can do by contacting Kelli or going online at    
President Greg asked the individuals with prepaid meal tickets to inform Rich Toyer if you would like a refund or donate the money.  The deadline to complete this is February 28th.
Tammy Dunn, PE, gave an updated report on the Annual Fundraiser, Score Dollars for Rotary. The leading sports teams are football ($2,000) and hockey ($2,100). We have raised $10,800 of the $66,000. You may pay via online or mail in a check. Thank you everyone!
President Greg gave an update on Henson Hall. We will be using the facility through July 2022. We will continue with hybrid meetings on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month. Ralph Quaas may have found another venue, Knights of Columbus, for us to meet at. We will be meeting in person at Knights of Columbus on February 22nd.
President Greg inducted three new members. The new members are Cathryn Cole, Darren Crout, and Karen Moore. Welcome Cathryn, Darren and Karen!
Anna Marie Laurence is $59 happy for her birthday. President Greg matched the amount to ring the bell.
PROGRAM:   Pressing Environmental Issues – the Tulalip Tribes Perspective
Walt Greenwood introduced Kurt Nelson, Environmental Department Manager – Tulalip Tribes Natural & Cultural Resources Division.
Kurt Nelson stated the work that the Tulalip Tribes Natural & Cultural Resources Division focuses on is the salmon. Salmon is an important part of the identity and of the Tribes. Each year a Salmon Ceremony is held.
He talked about the Treaty of Point Elliott which reserved the right to fish and hunt in the area. The Tulalip Tribes have had to reaffirm the tribes rights to harvest – harvestable fish and have a “say” in environmental management.
Over the last 40 years there has been a decline in salmon-chinook in the Snohomish River. Causes of the decline in salmon are (a) Harvest, (b) Hydropower (c) Hatcheries and (d) Habitat. Kurt talked in detail about the causes.
He talked about the habitat issues. These issues are (a) Habitat Quality & Quantity, (b) Barriers to Salmon Habitat, (c) Water Quality, (d) Stream Flow, (e) Riparian Flow Conditions, (f) Predation. He explained the salmon life cycle. Over the years, we have lost 70% of the estuary wetland in the Snohomish valley.
The Tulalip Tribes focus on the following:
Tribal Salmon Recovery Efforts – Tulalip Tribes is creating more estuary for salmon. More juvenile salmon are using the estuary.
Shoreline Impairment
Barriers to Salmon Habitats – Working to remove culverts, private dams and pump station.
Pressing Water Quality Issues – Stormwater from roads contributes to storm water pollutants. The water from road runoff is toxic to adult coho.
Predation – Harbor seals population has increased seven-fold and eat over 40% of the juvenile salmon.
Anna Marie Laurence provided Rotary Membership Moment. She read a letter from a past scholarship recipient. She announced in May that $278,000 in scholarships.
President Greg thanked Kurt Nelson for presenting to us today. He stated that next week, February 15th meeting will be online.
Respectfully Submitted,
Tammy Dunn
Photography Submitted by.
Tammy Dunn
Journey to Africa, presented by Jack Robinson