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Rotary Log 03-01-22
Rotary Club of Everett
With 37 Rotarians online through the Zoom platform, President Greg led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.  This began his 34th meeting of the year and our 5,436th meeting of the Rotary Club of Everett.  This was the 100th Zoom Meeting for the Rotary Club of Everett.
The “Thought of the Day” was led by Larry O’Donnell. Larry, who was honored and humbled by his namesake O’Donnell Scholarship for Students, recently reached out to the young man was the first recipient of the O’Donnell Scholarship, Marcus Sylvester. Marcus is a first-year engineering student at UW.  Marcus reported that he is proud to the first recipient of award. Larry commented that it reconfirmed to him how important it is to help students with our Foundation and this scholarship.
There were no visiting Rotarians at the meeting, and Tammy Dunn introduced her guest, Erin Padgett, Home Street bank branch manager.
Rotarian Michael Kvistad reminded everyone that it was Girl Scout Cookies time! His group of 2nd through 5th graders are learning new things through their program and through these sales.   Contact Michael for your cookie orders.
Tammy Dunn provided a fundraiser update. The club is currently at $47,700 in donations with a goal of $60k by next week’s March 8th meeting. At next week’s meeting, there will be some fantastic Live Auction items, including a diamond necklace donated from Ben Bridge jewelry. Rotarians are urged to finalize their donation soon and let Tammy know where your drawing tickets will be placed.
Kelly Shepherd, chair of the Local Impact committee, was excited to announce that the group had approved $13,000 of its $15k for local impact grants. Congratulations to the following organizations as this year’s recipients.
  • Boys and Girls Club of Snohomish County- “Teen Pathway to Success” ($2000)
  • Campfire- Teens in Action ($1000)
  • Educational Dream Achievers, Inc (Ed Achievers)- “Living Stories with Elders and Community Leaders” ($1000)
  • Mari’s Place for the Arts- “2022 Summer Outdoor Program” ($2000)
  • North Middle School- “Student Success Room” ($1000)
  • Providence General Foundation Boyden Family Autism Center- “PEAK Assessment for Children with Autism” ($2000)
  • Rise Up Academy (Formerly Greater Trinity Christina Leaning Academy)- “Rise Up and Fly” ($2000)
  • Schack Art Center- “Glassblowing Classes for Sequoia Youth” ($2000)
President Greg reminded us of all of next week’s lunch order for the in-person meeting at Hensen Hall.  A reminder email will be sent soon. Greg also provided a board meeting update. State of Washington mask mandates ends on March 12th. The club will return to in-person meetings with a Zoom option available.
Anna Marie Laurence, chair of the Scholarship committee, announced that student interviews are scheduled for in-person on April 6th at CRCS and Everett Public School offices. Zoom will be an option. The award ceremony will be May 17th at the Civic Auditorium, with possible live streaming.
Tom Koenig gave $20 happy bucks to be able to ask Anna Marie Laurence about the privacy policy for the live streaming. Anna Marie will work with Dave Peters on that policy.
Heather Barnhart happily gave $30 for the full blood drive.
PROGRAM:   Climate Change: Where we are today, the future we choose, and how we get there
President Greg introduced our program presenter, Paul Roberts, a climate change expert, and advocate from our communities. He has spent 50 years with environmental land-use and has served on many boards and task forces. President Greg also had shared a website link: prior to Paul’s presentation for our membership to do their own research.
Paul started off with a “touch of science” regarding climate change. Greenhouse gas emissions has accelerated steadily since the 1800’s with the start of the Industrial Revolution, when our culture changed from agriculture to industry as a primary source of work. Since the 1950’s, the emissions have increased even greater across the globe. 
With the increased greenhouse gas emissions, the risks have been growing for climate impact events. We are seeing huge impact on the cost of these events, including insurance and banking, as these industries try to determine “when to pay” and “who to pay.”  These events include more heat domes, atmospheric river episodes and wildfire seasons starting earlier and a greater span of time.
A challenge to all is the recognition we have to respond to these impacts.  A term, “climate stopping distance” is a term many advocates have been using to describe the need to address the lessening of emissions soon. He and his fellow environmental experts are urging a climate action plan adoption by region and with a focus on lower carbon emissions plans. The PNW needs to take a leadership role in this adoption.
Several Rotarians shared their questions or comments at the end of the presentation, including Rotary’s responses.
President Greg thanked Paul Roberts for being the speaker today.
Meeting adjourned.    
Respectfully Submitted,
Kevin Nichols
Photography Submitted by.
Tammy Dunn
Fundraiser Finale presented by Tammy Dunn, PE