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Log Report 04-27-21
Rotary Club of Everett
The meeting (club’s 5,395th, 42nd virtual) was called to order by President John at Noon with over 40 club members in attendance on Zoom at that time. 
The pledge was conducted by President John.  
President John then called upon Dr. Paul Stoot for the Thought of the Day. Dr. Paul encouraged all of us to examine ourselves in the manner of Rotary’s mission and reach out to those less fortunate, especially during these turbulent times. Include those that are being treated discriminately or being treated unfairly due they don’t look like ourselves. Dr. Paul ended his thought with an inspirational prayer. 
There were no guests today, but President John encouraged us all to ask our friends and associates to join our noon programs to help understand Rotary better. 
George Bowden and Ed Petersen are back in the country from their work in the Dominican Republic as part of our continued outreach with the garden projects. They were working to get a contract for “boots on the ground” work. 
President John will be sending an invite to all for the 7:30 am Rotary Board meeting.
Rich Toyer and Margaret Mary have been doing outstanding work going through the club finances. We are appreciative of their work on our behalf.
President John gave thanks to those Rotarians that were able to volunteer for the student scholarship interviews. He encouraged us to look at service on that committee in the coming year. It is no small commitment of time and talent is needed there to support this effort. Scholarship presentation day will be soon, look for the announcement.
There were several bellringers today.  
Larry O’Donnell gave $55 in memory dollars for Don Wright, a great Everett civic leader that recently passed away in Palm Deseret. He was a classmate of Larry and Henry Newton.  
Mike Holcomb also gave $55 for his 55th wedding anniversary.  
Rich Toyer, glad to be out of the hospital, gave $100.  
Jeff Micciche gave $110 for his birthday and receiving his 2nd vaccine shot.  
Anna Maria Laurence kept the bellringers going with a shout out to the student interviews (3 teams interviewing 57 students). She appreciated the team leaders and the interviewers for the hours of service. May 17th will be the presentation day, 6:30 pm with 54 scholarships and over $200k in funds. 
Heather Barnhart also gave a bellringer as she was happy for her son at Central Washington and his participation in running races for the first time in several months.
PROGRAM:  Everett YMCA update with Snohomish County YMCA President, Peyton Tune
Kelly Shepard introduced Peyton Tune of the YMCA. Before coming to Everett, he has been with the Y for 20 years.  He joined us in January 2020, just before the current pandemic.
Peyton have us some quick history of the YMCA which is 177 years old and has been part of Everett for 121 years. Across the nation, there are 3,000 membership centers and 10,000 plus program areas.  The YMCA is one of the county’s largest employers with over 1,200 staff.   
Peyton provided several informative slides as part of the presentation. He noted that one out of every seven residents have an affiliation with a YMCA program.
The YMCA roughly has 30,000 visits a day (pre-pandemic) and is a leader in service our community youth in sports, aquatics, summer day camps and childcare/virtual learning. The Big Brothers/Big Sisters is a major part of their work.
A major issue that the YMCA is working toward is preparing nearly 5 million young Americans, aged 16-24, for a successful transition to adulthood and productive lives.
By being a YMCA staff member, they are part of an act of social justice through caring for children of strangers.
They are the new generation of changemakers.  Over 92,000 staff members are ages 16-24.
The YMCA is proud to help our communities create the next generation of leaders.
President John thanked Peyton for his presentation and opened the meeting for questions. Shortly after, President John then adjourned the meeting. 
Respectfully Submitted,
Kevin Nichols
Photography Submitted,
Tammy Dunn
Cocoon House – Serving the Community During The Pandemic, presenter Joseph Alonzo