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Tammy Dunn
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Welcome to our club!
We Add Value to our Community Through Service
We meet Tuesdays at 12:00 PM
Legion Memorial Golf Course
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Rotary Log 11-03-20
The Rotary Club of Everett
The meeting #5372-Rotary Club of Everett, 18th of the year & 34th virtual, was called to order by President John at Noon with 46 in attendance on Zoom.  
Before leading the members in the Pledge of Allegiance, Larry O’Donnell began with a prelude to the 1943 School year where, at Jefferson school, club members Henry Newton and Larry O’Donnell were taught a new way to address the flag with hand over heart by their teacher.  The salute to the flag was changed by congress in 1942 due to the previous salute was too close to Nazi Germany salute.   Behind Larry was a flag for Senator Henry Jackson that flew in honor of Senator Jackson’s 100th birthday.
Thought of the Day was delivered by President John for Julie Herber.   John was sure that Julie was going to speak about today’s election and its significance on history and our civic responsibilities and duties.  
Tammy Dunn introduced the Interact Club guest: Dayna Weir- advisor, Emma Weir Co-President, Maddie McGuire-Co-President and Secretary/Treasurer-Molly Riker.  Emma spoke about club’s efforts to work with other groups in their school and recording the reading of books for elementary students.   Maddie McGuire shared that they club was a partner with Honor Society to provide friends for elementary schools’ students.  Molly Riker, who as treasurer manages the accounts from club gave a short report on the club’s finances which our club helps support.   The Interact Club specializes in loans to international small business.  
Ed Peterson introduced guest presenters including Kim Herman and John Epler of the Friends of the Dominican Republic as well as James Percell, White Rock Rotary Club member.
As part of the announcements section during the meeting, President John informed us that at the last Board meeting, the club goals have been adopted and we will be starting to plan the activities to achieve our goals.  John also reminded club members that Kyla McNulty’s application for membership had been sent to the club members for review.
Mark Valentine, PP, spoke to the organization Music for Life, which our club has been supporting.   Music for Life Booster Club refurbishes good music equipment for needy younger musicians.  Mark Valentine announced that he is stepping down from Booster Club and if anyone has a passion to be on their board, please – contact Mark. 
Dayna Weir informed us that the Everett High School Interact Club is holding their Annual Trick or Treat for UNICEF via online this year. In the past the Interact Club students attend our Rotary Luncheon during this time to as us, fellow Rotarians, to donate to their Fundraiser. Make A Donation. The Interact Club is accepting donations through November 15th. Please consider donating to help the Everett High School Interact Club.
Additionally, the Interact Club is working with the Everett High PTA for Sammie’s Closet and collecting for food and clothing.  There is an Amazon store link through Facebook.  To Support Everett High Sammy's Closet Donations.
Neil Angst asked us to help identify phone numbers as we work on getting attendance correct. 
Kelli Thode announced the Red Cross Heroes Breakfast event which is being held virtual on December 10th.  She invited all of us to join the event.
Jim Hoover presented his classification talk.   Jim grew up on Whidbey Island.  He lives now in South Everett with his wife, Kristin and their two kids.   As a travel agent, they enjoy travelling, especially outdoors and hiking.   Big fan of dogs.  The family recently took a Mediterranean cruise.  He met our fellow club member Neil Angst at a networking group.  He was also inspired by an older gentleman who was in Rotary who helped get him involved. 
Michael Kvistad gave $20 as he is growing first mustache as part of Movember. 
Kari Petrasek is celebrating her marriage of 14 years with $20. 
While we didn’t have Judi Edwards with us, we were treated to a photo of her Halloween costume from South Carolina
Wick Temple, as always, did a terrific job of presenting our raffle drawing.  
Prize Package #1 was won by Rich Toyer. 
Prize Package #2 was won by Amanda Overly. 
Marc Baker was the winner of Prize package # 3 as well as the Grand Prize, a VW bus (model size). 
PROGRAM:  Rotary Foundation Month Kick-off
In keeping with Rotary Foundation Month, former President Ed Petersen launched the first of four programs this month to inspire us to support its mission.  Ed spoke to the legacy of the foundation including that it is 103 years old, has 4-star rating, recognized as one of the largest and best run as well as doing a lot of good in the world.   For our club, 116 members are donors to Foundation and 80 members are Paul Harris members.  Our club has donated one million plus to the foundation over the years.   Our goal this year is $16K with a stretch goal of $25K.  We are currently at $6.5k this month.
Deborah Wright joined Ed sharing our Club’s support of the foundation.  Each year during the Rotary Foundation Month of November our club, along with all clubs world-wide fundraise for the International Rotary Foundation.  Rotary International recognizes members with a Paul Harris Pin for every $1000 donation.  Each member has a Foundation Account assigned to them so as donations are accumulated members are awarded a Pin as they accumulate every $1000.00 mark.
During Rotary Foundation Month, our Club has incentives to encourage members to participate in the month’s fundraising.  We have incentives from our club and from our District 5050. Here is the deal:
  • Members have an opportunity to purchase a Paul Harris at a discounted price $750 instead of $1000.00.This is a great opportunity to get your next Paul Harris Recognition Pin.
  • Members can also purchase playing cards for $50 each in Deck of a Deal.There will be a drawing on November 24th and there will be two winners for a Paul Harris.
But wait!!! That’s not all.
  • Each donation to Deck of a Deal and each purchase of a $750 Paul Harris names will be submitted for another drawing - the winner will receive a gift certificate for Lombardi’s.
But wait - there is more!!!
  • For every $50, $100, and $250 donation your name will be submitted to District 5050 for yet another big drawing (details to be revealed)
  • And remember - all your donations to the Rotary Foundation go to your Paul Harris account and accumulates toward your next Paul Harris
Deborah let us know that you can hit the club donation button and when you make your donation be sure to note that it is for the Rotary Foundation Month. You can also send a check to the Rotary Youth Foundation - also note that the check is for Foundation Month
Each meeting, Deborah will be encouraging us to donate and keep track of donations.  When you buy a card, your name will be written on the card so that when the final drawing takes place we will know right away who wins!!!
Ed Peterson then brought on a couple guests who have been very helpful to our club and our connection with the Dominican Republic including helping with our donated wheelchairs. Kim Herman and John Epler are with the Friends of Dominican Republic, which are a group of Former Peace Corps volunteers, headquartered in Seattle. 
Ken reminded us all that our club and the Friends have been working together 2015.   We partnered with stoves for families in the D.R.  Our club has donated over $11k to help needy families.  Our club has been heavily involved in the home garden project.  Ken announced that the Friends have chosen our Everett Club as Partner of the Year – 2020.  John Epler delivered a new program announcement – community gardens and economic development.  The Friends are one of 4 organizations with MOU for ongoing relationships for grants for home gardens and they are looking for future support.  
Jim Purcell, from the White Rock Rotary Club joined us for a presentation on the Foundation and its Polio Plus effort. 
One of the many Rotary’s foundation efforts has been to eradicate polio.  The foundation itself has focused on world peace, fighting disease, providing clean water and better sanitation and much more.   The Rotary Foundation is extremely efficient with the donated funds as 92% goes directly to projects. 
Polio Plus is focused on the eradication of this costly disease.  Still prevalent in the 1950’s in North America, the continent is now free of polio. Currently, there has been a reduction of 99% world-wide with cases only seen in Afghanistan and Pakistan. This effort has been a signature project for the Foundation and is called the Global Polio Eradication Initiative or GFEI since 1988. Over 17 billion has been spent on its programs with 1.8 million from our Rotary Foundation and funding from the Gates Foundation.
The GPEI has endgame strategy for 2019-2023 centered around Polio Plus.  The effort will require $4.2 billion over next 5 years. Eradication is still the priority rather than management of existing levels.  Polio Plus benefits include immunization, surveillance, disease control, emergency response infrastructure and economic development.  
With COVID – Polio Plus’s infrastructure has helped surveillance of COVID efforts.  During Covid, vaccinations stopped for 3 months, but are back under away.  Polio continues to be a challenge as the effort to eradicate lost ground in Afghan and Pakistan recently.  Some of it was due to vaccine shortages, but it only delayed the goal, not stopping it. 
The Polio Plus support goal for Rotary is $150 million with a matching grant from Gates.  Our club’s goal is $5k with a $7K stretch goal.  One option for support is at at Rotary Direct.
Meeting Adjourned:
In closing, President John thanked John Purcell for his inspiration presentation.  He also thanked all our guests and our members. 
Respectfully Submitted,
Kevin Nichols
Photography Submitted,
Tammy Dunn
Next Program,
“Honduras Economic and Community Development” Presented by Wally Gardiner Introduced by Ed Petersen, PP