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Rotary Log 02-09-21
Rotary Club of Everett
The 31st virtual meeting, #5384 Rotary Club of Everett meeting, was called to order by President John at Noon with over 40 club members in attendance on Zoom at that time.  
The pledge was conducted by President John.  
President John then called upon Sonya Kraski for the Thought of the Day. After wishing all Happy Tuesday, Sonya asked the members to “guess what I am.”   She spoke that she is representing something that can make you happy, it’s a contagious, it promotes volunteerism and can event prolong your life.   The answer – I’m a giver.  Sonya then tied that concept to our club’s support of its own funding priorities and encouraged everyone to do something that will benefit others and you may feel better than ever. 
At the meeting, we were presented a musical moment with a song from our very own, musician Mark Valentine.   He performed a classic Rolling Stones tune – Ruby Tuesday. 
Kelly Shepard introduced her guest, Tricia Schuldt.  Don Schwab is the guest of Greg Lineberry.  Mark Johnson, a visiting Rotarian from the Lynnwood Club, and part of today’s program introduced Julie Thelander (also a visiting Rotarian), Bill Callahan, and Robert Knoll, who is with the Hospice Foundation.  Darcy Cooper from Cascade High (a regular visitor) was also introduced. 

Kari Petrasek reminded us all about the next Happy Hour function this Thursday, 5:30pm on Zoom.  President John encouraged all who have not visited a Happy Hour to join them.
Kay Fantin promoted the 27th Annual Virtual Benefit Event for the Everett Public Schools Foundation (attached flyer will be sent through ClubRunner email), happening on March 3rd. Register today. If you can’t make it, the event will be recorded. The registration will ask for credit card, but you do not have to put it in to register. 
George Bowden announced that the World Community Service meeting has been rescheduled for 2/16 at 5 pm.  George thanked Walt Greenwood for the article in Herald regarding the greenhouse project in Dominican Republic.  It had a great photo.  Please contact George is you are interested in attending the meeting. He will send a Zoom Meeting Link.
Sonya Kraski provided the Club’s fundraiser update.  The campaign was kick-offed last week.  $60k is the goal.  Currently, Team Chopper in the lead. Remember, these funds benefit our community.  Special incentives for the winning team including great dinner provided by Sonya
Always a highlight for each month as we get to meet some of the dedicated and inspiration students from our high schools, the three outstanding students included the following.
Shannon Marsh introduced us to Dalisa Moul of Cascade High School.  Dalisa is known for her consistent work ethic, her engaging personality, her commitment to peer tutoring and the food drive.   She is the Co-President of her class.   Her goal is to attend Western Washington University and become a History Teacher.   
Amanda Overly introduced Hanna Bekele of Everett High, whose father and teacher was also attending the meeting.   Hanna is a strong, passionate leader.  She is always rallying for positive change and is brave about making a difference.  Her future goals include getting a degree in public health (social justice focus) with a minor computer science.  She is currently looking out of state for college. 
Heather Barnhart then introduced us all to Alanny Mack from Sequoia High. Her mother, Ann Herrera was in attendance.  Heather commented that Alanny’s teachers consider her a beam of sunshine with a drive to be successful. She is going to the school of Cosmetology.  She plans to go to Everett Community College and go to BYU later.  First, she will be going on a mission with her church prior to attending college.  Her future goal is also to enter the medical field with focus on dermatology.
Wick Temple provide 3 lucky Rotarians with timely raffle prizes of chocolates and wines for the upcoming Valentine’s Day weekend.   The lucky winners were:
#1 – Sonya Kraski was the grand prize winner with a gift package that included an electric wine opener, new mask as well as chocolate and wine.
#2 – Tom Koeing won spring bulbs, a book, a new mask and chocolate and wine.
#3 – Kelli Thode who was gifted with a mini-frisbee, a salt and pepper shaker set, a new mask as well as chocolate and wine.
PROGRAM:  Trends in Hospice & Palliative Care, Presenter: Dr. Jim Congdon, Producer: Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson a Lynnwood Rotarian introduced the program regarding Providence’s Hospice and Palliative Care which was presented by Dr. Jim Congdon, well known to many of our club members and Foundation President. 
Dr. Congdon led our club through an informative slide show concerning Hospice care including what, why and the origin of Hospice care.   
The Hospice Foundation at Providence is focused on getting the word out to our community on the supportive care, holistic care and the natural process of death.
Hospice compliments existing medical care through its four pillars of care (family-focused, respite, interdisciplinary and resident – wherever you live.  
Globally, the Hospice Alliance has 350 member agencies in over 100 countries.  Just in the U.S., there are 4,600 agencies serving nearly 1.5 million patients.   Locally at Providence, Sister Georgette Bayless was instrumental in bring Hospice care to our community.  The average number of patients receiving care at the Providence facility or home care is nearly 1,000.
Providence Hospice provides many specialty programs for its patients and families including Carousel, Camp Erin, and the only Hospice Care Center in Snohomish County.  Dr. Congdon also showed a couple of moving videos related to Camp Erin and Carousel – Kaya.  
Hospice serves all ages of people with quality of life as a goal.   The care is funded partially through Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurances.   The care is reimbursed on a flat rate per day and covers staff services, medications, and other care needs related to terminal illness.  Care that is not reimbursed includes family grief support, Camp Erin, volunteer services and some non-covered medications or equipment.   Camp Erin and comfort therapies are 100% supported by donors. 
In 2020, the PHHC Foundation’s goal is to raise $2 million to support these non-funding programs.  They welcome all gifts of time, funds and appreciate your advocacy and your communications of their services.     

Anna Marie Laurence who recently celebrated her 58th birthday. 
Kelly Shepard gave 20 happy bucks for returning Kindergarten and 1st graders. 
Walt Greenwood provided a bellringer in celebration of his birthday yesterday.
Greg Lineberry also offered to contact members regarding COVID vaccine opportunities (many last-minute opportunities are shared with him).  Contact Greg directly. 
President John thanked the presenters and recognized them with a donation to the Boy’s and Girls’ Club.   After thanks also to our students, we had time to take a few Happy Dollars from our members. 
Respectfully Submitted,
Kevin Nichols
Photography Submitted,
Tammy Dunn
The Pandemic & Print Media, presented by Josh O’Connor, introducer Sean Kelly