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Rotary Log 06-01-21
Rotary Club of Everett
President John opened our #5,400 meeting and 47th virtual meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance at 12:01 pm. 
President John then called about Tom Koenig to provide the thought of the day. Tom reflected on the past Memorial Day and the reason for the observance.  Note:  Memorial Day was started in the 1860’s as Declaration Day but was changed to Memorial Day in 1971. Tom closed by reading the poem Freedom Colors by author Roger Hancock.
President John then asked if we had any visiting Rotarians or guests. Megan Adam, one of the program presenters today is a member of the Issaquah Rotary club.  
President John provided a brief Board Meeting Report. The board is prioritizing collecting dues by program year-end on June 30th and the next year’s budget was presented by Greg Lineberry, PE. President John the club members that dues will increase by $25 and be split into two payments:  July-Dec 2021 $212.50 and same amount for Jan-June 2022.
College Essentials Shopping Spree Volunteers – Check your email as the committee needs some additional help. The committee worked a deal with Dell on appropriate level laptops. 
Rotary Park Clean Up – June 12: Laura Zorick reported that the Rotary Park clean-up on June 12 is limited to 20 people per park and will be from 10am to 2 pm.  No BBQ this year.  Sign up Today!
They will be sending information and additional opportunities. Don’t forget to visit and volunteer for the City of Everett’s Sorticulture starting Friday June 11 and running to June 12. Sign up Today! 
Megan Adams had some Happy Bucks – happy to be with fellow Rotarians. 
Julie Herber had $25 happy dollars as she attended in Stanwood Historical Society event dedicated to 50 veterans – outstanding presentation. Additionally, there was a book by a historical society member about these 50 inspirational people.
President John had birthday bucks for his most recent, but also sad dollars for his mother who recently passed. 
Greg Lineberry had $20 happy bucks for seeing Jim Stafford up and around recently. Jim hopes to be back to Rotary soon. 
Sean Kelly had $100 happy bucks to give due to his connections recently with Sammy Davis, a Congressional medal of honor in 1967 and meeting a new client who had left Iron Curtain in 1950’s. Both showcasing bookends of freedom. 
Barb George had the opportunity in March to be a judge of National History Day with student exhibits/presentations. A wonderful communications presentation by a young man on baseball called “Give me a sign” moved her. It was about a deaf mute who created the signs in baseball. An umpire developed a version for the people in the stands. The young man presenting is a middle schooler. The exhibit is now in the front window of Museum.  $100 bellringer
PROGRAM:  Village Theatre
Sean Kelly provided the introduction to the presentation by team members of the Village Theatre group. They’re here to share their plans for the upcoming season and re-opening plans. Megan Adams has been a performer and assistant producer with the theatre. Kevin Vortman has a long history with the theatre and is a Northwestern University Alumni. 
Megan share that she is also with Issaquah Rotary Club. Currently she is the Individual and Corporate giving manager for the theatre. Megan has been a dance teacher/choreographer for the children’s program. By a show of hands and through chat room comments, a lot of club members have enjoyed the Village Theatre offerings. The theatre opened in 1979. Megan’s father is an Executive Producer and her Grandma was a performer. Megan herself starred in her  1st musical in 1980 as five year old. The Village Theatre is the  argest solo producing theatre in Northwest. It has a robust Kidstage program.  It was started in Issaquah but wanted to expand to a new community. It did so in 1998 to Everett.  It has been expanding and much of it in Everett. It has been a big part of the reinvestment in Everett downtown. 
Megan then introduced Kevin Vortmann who is at the Everett facility. He is the advancement management for Everett. His wife started her career in Everett. They met in New York on Broadway. 5 years ago, they moved back to Edmonds. The Village Theatre’s Casting Director called him soon after. He has been a professional actor for 20 years. 
The Village Theatre operates at a high level and is consistently creating new work. With the pandemic it has been a tricky last 15 months with a loss of $6 million in revenue and many staff members. They strive to continue to serve the community and fulfill our mission. They produced many online presentations and had to be creative.
A large focus is on online fundraising for Kidstage. Scholarships are available for families in need. In November, the mainstage returns. The first show will only for subscribers. They are slowly rehiring staff. Additionally, there are terrific partnership opportunities with the Theatre:  They also ask that their partners and subscribers are asked to be ambassadors for the arts.
After thanking our presenters, President John announced that next week’s program will be on the Development of AZT & other anti-HIV drugs with Greg Perkins
Respectfully Submitted,
Kevin Nichols
Photography Submitted,
Tammy Dunn
Development of AZT & other anti-HIV drugs, presented by Greg Perkins