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Rotary Log 03-16-21
Rotary Club of Everett
President John began his 36th virtual meeting and our 5,389th meeting of the Rotary Club of Everett.
The meeting was called to order by President John at Noon with over 40 club members in attendance on Zoom at that time (eventually 67 total).  
The Pledge of Allegiance was conducted by President John.  
President John then called upon Andy Skotdal for the Thought of the Day (Thanks to Laura Zorick for being ready as a back-up).   Andy asked all of us that we shouldn’t let a small segment of the population or electorate speak for the community.  We all should have a voice and we need to communicate to our government leaders. 
President John then called for the introduction of visiting Rotarians and guests.  Tammy Dunn introduced Dayna Weir, Everett High School Interact Club Advisor.  The members of the Interclub in attendance: Molly Riker, Anna Hall, Kari Hall, Maddie McGuire, Jonas Morden, and Abby Blakely. Kelly Shepard introduced her guest, Tricia Schuldt who has coordinated the Students of the Month being recognized by the Club today.  Don Schwab (potential Rotarian) is the guest of Greg Lineberry. Guest Amy Stifter, Everett HS AVID Teacher, was in attendance.
Always a highlight for each month as we get to meet some of the dedicated and inspiration students from our high schools, the three outstanding students included the following.
Kelli Thode introduced us to Max White from Cascade High.   Besides his academic pursuits, Max is heavily involved in band, Business clubs, and Interact Club as many of his extracurricular activities.   His future plans include going to UW and majoring in biomedical engineering.  He plans to transfer for his graduate studies and get a career in nanotechnology. 
Amanda Overly introduced Eduardo Heredia-Romero of Everett High.  Eduardo’s AVID teachers say that he is going to make a difference wherever he goes, largely due to his commitment to community service.   Eduardo enjoys the outdoors including snow sports and photography.  He plans on attending UW and achieving a career in therapy or child protective services due to his passion for helping others, especially children in need.
Marybeth Dingledy introduced Kevin Chavez-Machain of Sequoia High.   Teachers and advisors have commented that Kevin’s pursuit of academic achievements is worthy, and he is a pleasure to have in their classes.   Kevin’s mother was also on the call.   Kevin enjoys outside hobbies and loves to ride his quad.  Kevin plans on working with his father in the home improvement business and then attending college in the near future. 
Andy Hall, PP, was delighted to be attending the meeting with his two daughters Anna and Kari. 
Will McMahon, PP, was $100 happy to recognize all the Club members that have volunteered to speak with the AVID students.  
Andy Skotdal was so happy to find $50 in his pocket, he gave them to the Club.  
Michael Kvistad was delighted to give $30 as he was happy to spend quality time with his kids at a Minecraft exhibit.
Kaye Phinney was given the title Techno Genius by Greg Lineberry was $25 happy for the title despite that she couldn’t get her work laptop to function and had to ask for help. 
Wick Temple led the Club in the raffle drawing and provided 3 lucky Rotarians with his version of Rotary March Madness.   The lucky winners were:
Kelli Thode who selected the Wazzu package
Joe Gaffney selected the UW package with the Snoop Dog wine
Cathy Woods will enjoy the St. Pat’s Day package she received
PROGRAM:  Providing Reliable Service in Uncertain Times, Presenter: John Haarlow, Snohomish PUD, Producer: Laura Zorick
Laura Zorick introduced John Haarlow, General Manager for Snohomish PUD, to deliver a report on the State of the Public Utility.  PUD has 360,000 electrical customers in Snohomish and Camano Island as well as 22k water customers. 
John started off with his appreciation for the opportunity to speak with the Club.  His background includes service in New Mexico, Central Illinois (where this reporter was a customer of Central Illinois Power during his childhood) and Indiana.  He is enjoying the PNW, and his son and his family recently moved to Pullman for a position with WSU. 
John led the Club members through a PowerPoint on the operations for PUD.   PUD’s motto Energizing Life in Our Communities puts a spotlight that it is a public utility working for its customers.   The top four priorities for PUD are (1) provided a quality customer experience for its members, (2) being fiscally responsible with our customer’s funds, (3) planning and providing for today’s energy needs as well as future technologies and (4) its commitment to its employees. 
As financial stewards, every dollar is invested wisely on our behalf.  50 cents of every dollar go to purchase energy with most of its clean energy produced by hydro systems.  The rest of those dollars goes operations and maintenance, capital improvements taxes and energy efficient programs.   PUD is in a strong financial position and is highly rated by financial institutions. 
John then focused the impact of the pandemic on the operations of PUD.  Revenue has seen minimal impact as residential energy use has increased while commercial use declined.  PUD has been working to minimize the effect on its more vulnerable customers and making the appropriate cost management decisions.  They have been focusing on keeping its employees and its customers safe through its safety programs.  During the January windstorm, the PUD worked quickly to restore thousands of affected customers within 4 days. 
A top goal of PUD is being environment conscience and stewards.  98% of the energy provided is carbon-free, mostly hydroelectric but with some solar and wind power.  PUD is focused on the Utility of the Future and being a national leader in carbon-free living. 
John was able to take a few questions including about nuclear energy future.  PUD is looking into research and pilot work on small modular nuclear units which are in R&D phase.   Grid security is a major issue to consider.  
President John thanked John for his presentation with a gift of needed dollars to the Boys & Girls Club in Everett. President John then adjourned the meeting. 
Respectfully Submitted,
Kevin Nichols
Photography Submitted,
Tammy Dunn
Airshield: Innovation in Airline Passenger Safety, presented by Sarah Kelley, Teague Aerospace, introduced by Sean Kelly