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Rotary Log 08-25-20
The Rotary Club of Everett
Meeting of Everett Rotary of August 25, 2020 (#8, #5361) was called to order by President John Olson who then led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. President John then reminded us to weigh in on the raffle while other activities continue.
The Thought of the Day was provided by Zak Parpia.   Zak suggested that we stand up and be counted in today’s world which was brave and could even be dangerous but that staying neutral was a sin of omission.  Rotary had a part to play by providing a safety umbrella and, a part to play by meeting the 4-way test.  President Olson commented that we can all pull together.
Visiting Rotarian: Marybeth Dingledy introduced Jeff Patterson, President-elect of Lynnwood Rotary; Guests:  City of Everett Councilmember Scott Murphy introduced by Greg Lineberry, today’s presenter, Andrea Duffield, also introduced by Greg.
Kari Petrasek told us that there would be a “Happy Hour” on Sept 3, 5:30 Thursday, bring your drink of choice and sit on the patio.
President John announced that Kelli Thode is leading the Fireside Committee and trying to determine when to get together and how to do it the right way and for the benefit of club.  
President John also shared a Thank you letter/booklet from Brook Guidice who received her doctorate in nursing with the help of Rotary’s Saunders scholarship.   The book included a narrative and photographs which traced her journey.
Happy Dollars were kicked off by:
Michael Holcomb in honor of Tina Gilson’s birthday last week $100
Zak Parpia had temp and ache, got tested, it was negative so he’s $100 happy and out of circulation
Steve Miller admitted that Friday is his 64th birthday and just had his 1st grandbaby
Dr. Mark Valentine paid a $100 tribute to Dr. George Youngstrom, a mentor who recently passed away
Will McMahan, PP, says he has two grandsons who just had babies (a double miracle!) $100
Amy Norman, PP, was happy $50 for shirt from Kelly Shepherd
Tom Koenig, PP, admonished self for forgetting to mention women’s suffrage for a $100 penalty
Jeff Patterson wants us to teach how to do Happy Bucks properly to the Lynnwood Club who are accustomed to $2 Happy Bucks
$100 was paid by Greg Tisdale because Marc Baker helped him out with motorcycle
Sonja Kraski had $20 worth of fun with Tiz’s motorcycle group ride
PROGRAM: The Power of Support: Fighting homelessness and unemployment for individuals living with mental illness in Snohomish County
Janice Ellis introduced Andrea Duffield, new CEO of Bridgeways, formerly employed by Mosaic Rehab. 
Their mission is to support people in community fighting homelessness and unemployment for individuals living with mental illness. Bridgeways has a supported employment program for companies like Boeing. It takes place at Bridgeways and in the community and housing stability.
Their MAP program is the Mental Health Alternatives program, which helps individuals with life resources, avoid incarceration and finding ways to overcome barriers to progress.  There are 10-12 participants in each court where they will have 16 participants in each court.  They have a 93.72% decrease.  Andrea noted that Everett Police were doing better than King County police. 
COVID has caused a hit to their revenue. Bridgeways are making Face Masks. See
Raffle was Provided by Wick Temple, names drawn by Theresa Frothingham
Prizes included York Patties, a candle, wine and wine bottle topper, Baseball cap, bobble head and binoculars. 
Winners were Jason Bighaus, Tina Gilson and Amanda Overly.
President John gave Andrea the thank you donation to Everett Boys and Girls Club.
Respectfully submitted,
Barb George
Photography submitted,
Tammy Dunn
Next Program:  
“Leading a Cultural Organization During COVID 19” presented by Lee Mills of Seattle Symphony, introduced by Mark Valentine.