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Tammy Dunn
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Welcome to our club!
We Add Value to our Community Through Service
We meet Tuesdays at 12:00 PM
Legion Memorial Golf Course
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Everett, WA  98201
United States of America
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Rotary Log 10-27-20
The Rotary Club of Everett
At 12 noon, President John Olson began the 17th meeting of the year, our 33rd virtual meeting in a row and the 5,371st meeting of the Rotary Club of Everett.  President John led us through the Pledge of Allegiance.
Nick Hansen reminded everyone to Vote this Year. It is important this year. Every Year is important.
No visiting Rotarians.  Guests: Rich Toyer introduced Karen Shearer, his wife.
Greg Lineberry did a “Hand Raising” Zoom Lesson. He showed us where the buttons were on the bottom of the screen. Betsy Baker-Bold was the winner of the Hand Raising Contest. Enjoy the Egg Nog!
Deborah Wright, PP, announced the “Deck of a Deal”. “Deck of a Deal” will be happening in the month of November, Foundation Month. Purchase a card for $50 or purchase 2 cards from Deborah’s Card Deck. The Card picked at the end of November will receive a Paul Harris. Additionally, each card you purchase the dollar amount will go towards your next Paul Harris. Get ready to play “Deck of a Deal”!
Sean Kelly announced Imagine Children’s Museum’s Champions of Children Fundraiser, Friday, Oct. 30th, 7 am. Be a Champion for the Children!
George Bowden announced that the World Community Service Committee was having a meeting at 5 pm today.
Tammy Dunn announced the Rocket League Charity Esports Tournament, November 28th, 2 pm – 6 pm. Great opportunity for anyone who plays games to compete.
Michael Krivstad had a 43rd birthday. He rounded up to $100 as he added in his wife and daughters ages.
Rich Toyer and Karen Shearer were celebrating their 2nd Anniversary and he was $50 happy.
Walt Greenwood announced the October Students of the Month announcement was in the Everett Post. He asked everyone to like our social media platforms so that we could grow our reach.
Pastor Paul Stoot was very appreciative of the support from the fellow Rotarians who attended the Virtual Fundraising event last weekend. They raised $100,000 for the school. He was $100 happy.
PROGRAM:  Rotary Youth Exchange
President John Olson introduced Felicity Dye, District 5050 Rotary Youth Exchange Chair, Bellingham Rotary, Sawyer Mauk, RYE Student, and Maeve Heard, RYE Student.
Felicity Dye presented an overview of the Rotary Youth Exchange. The upcoming year has been canceled due to the coronavirus, so the committee has been focusing on the students who have been deferred. Rotary Youth Exchange will start again in 2022-2023 Year. During this time, the District Committee has been promoting the RYE Program to the Clubs in District 5050 by presenting to the Clubs. Today is their 29th presentation. There are 8-9 Club participating in the RYE Program.
There are two RYE Programs – 1. Long-Term Exchange 2. Short-Term Exchange.
Why does Rotary do Youth Exchange? Rotary Youth Exchange promotes peace through cultural understanding and develops leadership in youth. Rotary Youth Exchange is one of the Rotary Avenues of Service – International Service and Youth Service. In 2018-19 there were approximately 10,000 total exchanges.
Impact of Youth Exchange is tremendous. Impact of ONE Student = 255 people. Impact of ~10,000 students in one year touches over 2.5 million people per year.
The future of Rotary begins with the youth. Youth Adventures in Leadership (YAIL), Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA), Interact and Rotary Youth Exchange are programs to “Plant Seeds” about Rotary to the Youth. These programs offer a glimpse of what Rotary International is about. Once these students participate in one of these programs, they are interested in giving back. Roteract is an opportunity for these students to continue with Rotary then eventually join Rotary.
For more information, check out the Club Resources on the Rotary Youth Exchange – District 5050 website.
Sawyer Mauk, South Whidbey High School, participated in the Long-Term Exchange Program. He traveled to Tarija, Boliva, South America. He provided information about Tarija – 39 national languages including German, TJA founded 251 years  before Boliva in 1574, Bolivian wine country, and Bolivia is know for its wine, dancing and BBQ.
RYE provided an opportunity to travel and he was able to travel throughout the country during his time there. This opportunity allow him to grow – independence, confidence and adaptability. Growth is Gradual & Hard to Pinpoint. He learned to speak better Spanish, learned to play the guitar and learned cooking from the Abuelas.
RYE is offering him opportunities to speak about the Rotary Youth Exchange to other students and represent Bolivia as a “reverse ambassador”. He is tapping into the Alumni Network and is attending Rotaract and Interact Sponsored Lectures.
Maeve Heard participated in the Short-Term Exchange. She spent eight weeks in Northern France in the summer of 2018. She was able to improve her French language skills. Maeve has a long-life friend with the family that she stayed with. This opportunity expanded her knowledge on global community and to pursue a college degree in International Studies with a minor in French Education.
Felicity Dye gave a shout out to Janice Ellis and the work that Janice has done with the Rotary Youth Exchange.
Meeting Adjourned:
President John adjourned the meeting at 1:00 pm
Respectfully Submitted,
Tammy Dunn
Photography Submitted,
Tammy Dunn
Next Program,
“Rotary Foundation Month Kick-off” Introduced by Ed Petersen, PP