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Rotary Log 08-11-20
The Rotary Club of Everett
President John Olson, in his 6th meeting of the year (the 22nd virtual meeting in a row and the 5,359th meeting of the Rotary Club of Everett) led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and we were off and running.
Will McMahon’s Thought of the Day was a blessing for our club and the people in our club, to be energized to help unmet needs and inequalities in our community, including social,
issues, racial issues, homelessness, economic issues, and mental health.
Music returned to our meeting thanks to Mark Valentine who played and sang Pink Floyd’s On the Turning Away.  Not only was Mark’s playing and singing outstanding but the
message in the song he selected paralleled Will’s Thought of the Day. The last line in that song was “No more turning away”.
Unfortunately, we did not have and visiting Rotarians or guests today.
Kelly Shepherd, who we saw is really good on her feet, announced that next week she will help in the induction of a new member, Amanda Overly who is the new principal at Everett High School.
President John updated us on the Strategic Plan indicating goals are being prepared and future activities surrounding the Strategic Plan are forthcoming.
A virtual happy hour on August 13th between 5:30 pm and 6:30 pm was announced by Tammy Dunn.  There will be a link sent out to all Rotarians that you can access to join the meeting, Cheers.
Kay Fantin provided a Community Service Announcement, and $20.00, to please help The Everett Public Schools Foundation “Stuff the Bus”.  Even though the EPS are beginning the school year virtually there is still need for the kids at home to have school supplies.  Please call 425-385-4000 and ask for the EPS Foundation to see how you can help.
Anna Marie Laurence contributed $33.00 in celebration of her 33rd wedding anniversary, which took place on August 7th.
Larry O’Donnell is feeling much better, he has been walking and he will celebrate his 83rd birthday on August 14th, , 75 years after he celebrated the end of World War II that very same day. For all this Larry was $100.00 happy.  Bell Ringer!
Greg Lineberry was $55.00 happy for his birthday and $45.00 happy for his recent vacation to Yellowstone.  Bell Ringer!
Parker Crompton was also $100.00 happy for her celebration of a birthday and anniversary. Bell Ringer!
Kelli Thode was very happy that the Arlington and Marysville Rotary Clubs hosted blood drives in service to our community.

Winner No. 1 - Greg Lineberry, Popcorn Maker, Peppermint Bark, Boy Scout recipe cards and a bottle of Seattle Mariners Cabernet.
Winner No. 2 - Kelly Shepherd, Boy Scout Popcorn, An Everett Silvertips Flag, Surprise Chocolates under the class of 1964 Hats donated by Howie Bargreen.
Winner No. 3 - Dick Schlosser, Boeing Flight Blanket, Girl Scout Cookies (Mint), a bottle of Mysterious Cabernet Wine.
PROGRAM: Schack Art Center
Sean Kelly provided us a background on the Schack Art Center along with his family’s personal involvement in a fund raiser that included his daughter’s $0.85 donation that was recognized by a touching thank you letter.   With that Sean introduced the Executive Director, Judy Tuohy, who spoke to us about how the Art Center has been and is continuing to navigate through the challenges of COVID 19.  To simplify the presentation, I have outlined what has been happening through the bullet points below.
A February 29th auction, that provides 20% of the years’ operating budget was held.
Days later, because of COVID, other nonprofits had to cancel their “live” fundraisers.
70% of their income came through programs. Corporate sponsors backed down or out of prior commitments. Because of the fundraiser most of the staff was able to stay on, only two people were furloughed.
The Schack did receive the following:
PPP funds totaling $101,000.00
SBA loan in the amount of $10,000.00
COVID relief funds received (I’m sorry I did not hear that total)
The staff, as creative as they are, came up with following online activities/programs/events.
Chalk Art Images
Home is where the Art is - 30+ artists gave online tours of their studios.
Teen Nights -An Everett Rotary sponsored event that helped in purchasing art supplies for teens
Online sales with curbside pickup. The sales are 50% of what they were before COVID 19.
Give Big 2020
This was an online fundraiser that earned $30,000.00 to Keep Schack Afloat. For a $100.00 donation one received a glass float.
Online classes for kids and adults. Safe day camp, social distancing, etc.
Reimagined Float Find. Orange Frisbees will be hidden at three city parks, whoever finds a Frisbee can turn it into the Schack and receive a hand-blown glass float. Float Find happens every Saturday at 10 am in to be determined Everett Parks.
Mark your calendars for Schacktoberfest. This annual event begins September 17th. 
The Schack is seeing growth in their Web traffic. They saw a 5% increase in June and a 13% increase in July of new users. In June their digital exhibit ads received 293K impressions beating their previous impressinos record (179K impressions). They have close to 1,000 new Facebook Followers, 800 new Instagram users, and over 1,000 email subscriptions since March 2020. Like their social media platforms to follow the great things they have going on.
The Hot Shop (glass blowing area) is busy with artists who rent the space.
The Hotel and Motel taxes are down, and they have historically helped in sponsoring exhibits. Because of this, three exhibits have been canceled this year.
There is a current exhibit, American Graffiti, which features “writers” (not artists) from a collection compiled from a local art collector and features writers from all over the country. Mural projects by local artists are in the works in the City of Everett.
The program ended with a video showing writer’s/artist’s painting a new mural on the south side of the Schack Art Center’s building.
President John thanked Judy for her presentation and let her know that the club will donate to the Everett Boys and Girls Club on her behalf.  He also thanked all of the Happy Buck contributors and bell ringers.
Respectfully submitted,
Andy Hall
Photography submitted,
Tammy Dunn
Next Program:  
“Global Peace Scholarship” presented by Sumit Karn; introduced by Deborah Wright, PP