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Tammy Dunn
Club Information
Welcome to our club!
We Add Value to our Community Through Service
We meet Tuesdays at 12:00 PM
Legion Memorial Golf Course
144 West Marine View Drive
Everett, WA  98201
United States of America
(425) 259-9141
(425) 258-1341
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Rotary Log 11-24-20
The Rotary Club of Everett
At 12:00 noon, President John Olson called to order meeting #5375 of the Rotary Club of Everett; Virtual meeting #37, and #21 of his presidency.
He then led the club with the Pledge of Allegiance.                            
Kevin Nichols brought us the Thought of the Day with a Prayer of Thanksgiving.
There were no visiting Rotarians or guests.
Past President Steve Miller presented the annual report for the 2019-2020 Rotary year. He thanked everyone for the successes of last year, with particular thanks to:
  • Amy Norman
  • Rich Toyer
  • Kelly Shepherd
  • Dave Schlosser
Some of last year’s highlights included:
  • The Roy Firestone Event
  • The creation of the People’s Choice Award, awarded to Greg Lineberry
  • The retirement of Judi Edwards after 20 years as the club’s Presidential Assistant.
  • The club being awarded a Platinum Level Citation by District 5050, the highest level a club can be awarded.
  • The loss of Gail Larson was a shock to the club.
  • Larry O’Donnell stepping down as club historian after serving for 37 years. The club has had only 3 club historians in its 100+ year history.
  • Youth projects and World Community Service projects.
  • Fellowship events – Steve coming out of a coffin on Halloween!
  • The Public Relations Committee. Walt Greenwood and Sean George kept the community informed of the club’s activities.
Deborah Wright then reported on Foundation Month.
  • Deck of a Deal raised $18300
  • 141 cards were sold at $50
  • 11 discounted Paul Harris Fellows were purchased
  • 3 full price Paul Harris Fellows were purchased
Deborah’s daughter, Samantha, then drew the 3 winning cards
Winners were:
  • Kelli Thode
  • Kari Petrasek – twice!
Ed Petersen then thanked Deborah for her hard work, mentioning that Deborah had personally called every member of the club. He awarded Deborah with a $50 gift certificate to a restaurant of her choice.
Anna Marie Laurence was happy about the student scholarships.
Betsy Baker-Bold had 100 birthday/anniversary/trip to Maui bucks.  
George Bowden had 74 birthday bucks.
Kari Petrasek had $100 for winning her Paul Harris’s.
Marc Baker had 20 Sad Dollars for having 2 kids in their 50s.
Kelli Thode had $100 for her Paul Harris and the upcoming Red Cross breakfast.
PROGRAM: Club Projects
Greg Lineberry began by discussing the wheelchair project in the Dominican Republic.
This long running project distributes wheelchairs in Haiti and the Dominican Republic with the help of their local Rotary clubs.
The wheelchairs are designed to be rugged for the primitive terrain in those countries.
They distributed 80 wheelchairs.
Ed Petersen then discussed the greenhouse garden project in the Dominican Republic. They visited 4 or 5 Rotary clubs in the Dominican Republic and were interested in helping with a project of the Dajabon Rotary Club in developing greenhouse gardens.
The pilot project developed 7 gardens. The gardens were originally built with wood poles to support the netting, but later upgraded to concrete and rebar, and then steel.
Ed mentioned that many partners were involved in the projects.
Greg and Ed then entertained questions from the membership.
President John thanked Ed & Greg and reminded the club to give thanks. The meeting was then adjourned.
Respectfully Submitted,
Clayton Browse
Photography Submitted,
Tammy Dunn
Next Program
“YMCA of Snohomish County” presented by Payton Tune, introduced by Sean Kelly