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Rotary Log 01-19-21
Rotary Club of Everett
President John began his 28th virtual meeting and our 5,381st meeting of the Rotary Club of Everett.
President John delivered a heartfelt Pledge of Allegiance.
Don Steward provided the Thought of the Day. He started with quotes from Martin Luther King Jr. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” “The time is always right to do what is right." Don stated “be kind, friendly, patient, smile, understand, have grace, be forgiving, be the change, be the light.”
Fred Safstrom introduced his guest, Steve Corsi, VOA of Washington. Kelly Shepherd introduced her guest, Tricia Schuldt, President John introduced Darci Cooper, Cascade High School, Anna & Kyle Hogan, Micah Hogan’s parents.
Marybeth Dingledy introduced Frank Pinal, Sequoia High School Student of the Month. Frank graduates this month and looks forward to pursuing a degree in business. Frank will work with his father in his father’s business. Marybeth stated, “Frank is one of the most compassionate young men I have ever had the privilege of having in class” Frank thanked the Rotary Club of Everett and is honored to receive this recognition.
Dr. Paul Stoot introduced Rukia Yosif, Cascade High School Student of the Month. Rukia is an avid tennis player and is the ASB President. She enjoys helping students and will pursue a degree in Law and Government. Rukia stated “I took a leadership class and fell in love with the idea of helping students and my school” Rukia thanked the Rotary Club of Everett for this recognition.
Amanda Overly introduced Micah Hogan, Everett High School Student of the Month. Amanda stated “his integrity and character shine in all of his choices, and every choice he makes is based on his values”. Micah is interested in pursuing a business degree at either University of Washington or Trinity Western University. Micah thanked the Rotary Club of Everett and is honored to receive this recognition.
Greg Lineberry, President Elect, announced the Nominating Committee’s slate of officers.
Board of Directors 2021 – 2023
Wick Temple
Anna Marie Laurence
Heather Barnhart
Jessie O’Brien
Secretary 2021
Neil Angst
Vice President 2021-2022
Kelli Thode
President Elect Nominee 2023-2024
Tammy Dunn
Greg Lineberry, $100 happy with the completion of the Slate of Officers, thanked leadership for stepping up and how the Past Presidents “Zoom Bushed” Tammy Dunn.
Zak Papria, celebrated his 73rd birthday, $500 happy.
Marc Baker is getting a Covid vaccination on Saturday, $20 happy.
Fred Safstrom is getting Covid vaccination today, $20 happy.
Ed Petersen and his wife received the Covid vaccination is happy.
Danny Tetzlaff is $60 happy for his birthday this week.
Dr Paul Stoot is $100 sad as Idamae Schack recently passed away and she made a huge impact to our community.
President John gave his condolences to Paul Pitre and his family as Clayton Pitre.
PROGRAM:  Evergreen Cemetery
Sean Kelly introduced Peter Cameron who is the general manager of the Evergreen Funeral Home & Cemetery, Cypress Lawn Memorial Park and View Crest Abby Mausoleum. Peter was born and raised in Snohomish. He started working at the local cemetery when he was 15 years old. He has been a licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer for 27 years.
Peter Cameron talked about “Who Wants to Talk About This?”. It is hard to talk about death. It is still a taboo subject for the majority of our society. Peter stated that facing our own mortality is a reality check and can be a difficult conversation with our loved ones.
There are four types of disposition in Washington. The first type is burial. Burial requires a cemetery and can be a ground burial or a Mausoleum crypt. The second type is cremation. Washington State is running about 77% cremation versus burial.
Alkaline hydrolysis is the third type of disposition. This type is sometimes called “Water Cremation”. 75% carbon footprint reduction and 1/8th the amount of energy used.
The fourth type is Natural Organic Reduction and also referred to as “Human Composting”. Natural organic reduction is the contained, accelerated conversion of human remains to soil. Washington State is the first state to authorize this type of disposition.
Reasons why to plan ahead are:
  • How do you want to be remembered? Does your family know?
  • Save them from having to make rushed decisions in a difficult, stressful time
  • Eliminated the financial burden for them
  • Peace of Mind
An Undertaker’s Wish List is:
  • Everything is written down. Keep copies of your wishes, keep your important papers organized including current will, POA/Guardianship, military discharge, life insurance, bank accounts, investments, vehicle & property titles, etc.
  • Everything is paid for
  • Everyone is in full agreement – talk about it ahead of time
  • Please keep your weight under 300 lbs
President John thanked Rakiu, Frank and Micah – Students of the Month, and Peter for being our guest speaker. He adjourned the meeting at 1:00 PM
Respectfully Submitted,
Tammy Dunn
Photography Submitted,
Tammy Dunn
Glassblowing & the Salish Renaissance by Preston Singletary, introduced by Sean Kelly