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Tammy Dunn
Club Information
Welcome to our club!
We Add Value to our Community Through Service
We meet Tuesdays at 12:00 PM
Legion Memorial Golf Course
144 West Marine View Drive
Everett, WA  98201
United States of America
(425) 259-9141
(425) 258-1341
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Rotary Log 11-10-20
The Rotary Club of Everett
Prior to the meeting, Deborah Wright, PP, was taking “deck of a deal” orders. Many fellow Rotarians were purchasing 2 cards.
At 12:01 pm, President John Olson began the 19th meeting of the year, our 35th virtual meeting in a row and the 5,373rd meeting of the Rotary Club of Everett. President John led us through the Pledge of Allegiance.
Russ Hermes provided a quote from Robert Louis Stevenson “Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.” As November is The Rotary Foundation month, Tom Koenig, PP read the mission of The Rotary Foundation. The mission of The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International is to enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty.
Mark Valentine entertained us with a song written by Todd Rundgren. The song was a silly love song “I Saw the Light” Mark had everyone smiling and rocking with the music through Zoom. THANK MARK!
Guests: Howie Bargreen introduced Peter Faber from Minuteman Press.
Kari Petrasek stated that the next Happy Hour is November 12th at 5:30 pm. This will be the only Happy Hour for the month. The Zoom link will be sent out. Come join us!
President John mentioned that the Deck of Deal Cards were flying off the deck as another 10 cards were sold. Deborah Wright announced that there are many ways to purchase a Paul Harris or towards a Paul Harris. A variety of ways to have a chance to win prizes.
The Rotary Foundation transforms your gifts into service projects that change lives both close to home and around the world. Since it was founded more than 100 years ago, the Foundation has spent more than $4 billion on life-changing, sustainable projects.
Each year during the Rotary Foundation Month of November our club, along with all clubs worldwide fundraise for the International Rotary Foundation.  Rotary International recognizes members with a Paul Harris Pin for every $1000 donation.  Each member has a Foundation Account assigned to them so as donations are accumulated members are awarded a Pin as they accumulate every $1,000.00 mark.
During Rotary Foundation Month there are incentives to encourage members to participate in the month’s fundraising.  We have incentives from our club and from our District 5050.
Here is the deal:
Members have an opportunity to purchase a Paul Harris at a discounted price $750 instead of $1,000.00.  This is a great opportunity to get your next Paul Harris Recognition Pin.
Members can also purchase playing cards for $50 each in Deck of a Deal. There will be a drawing on November 24th and there will be two winners for a Paul Harris.
But wait!!! That’s not all.
Each donation to Deck of a Deal and each purchase of a $750 Paul Harris names will be submitted for another drawing – the winner will receive a gift certificate for Lombardi’s.
But wait - there is more!!!
For every $50, $100, and $250 donation your name will be submitted to District 5050 for yet another big drawing (details to be revealed).
And remember - all your donations to the Rotary Foundation go to your Paul Harris account and accumulates toward your next Paul Harris
You can hit the club donation button or link and when you make your donation be sure to note that it is for the Rotary Foundation Month.
You can also send your check to our club’s Rotary Youth Foundation (from there it is sent to the RI Foundation)- also note that the check is for Foundation Month
Each meeting I will be encouraging you to donate and keep track of donations.  When you buy a card, your name will be written on the card so that when the final drawing takes place we will know right away who wins!!!
You get lots for your donation so - make your donation!!!
George Bowden announced that the World Service Committee worked on a grant for an Agricultural Project in Central America.
Howie Bargreen talked about how Bargreen’s Coffee and Bargreen family has pivoted during the COVID-19 pandemic. Howie stated that he feels lucky due to the support of the community, his employees and customers. With Rucker Avenue being worked on, Howie had to build a ramp to move the coffee through the backdoor. For the future, we are humble, we will keep going and will do fine. Howie had COVID-19 Hero hats for sale for $20 and will donate the proceeds to The Rotary Foundation.

Larry O’Donnell was $115 happy as he read in the Rotary Magazine that Jennifer E. Jones will be the Rotary International President 2022-2023. She is the first woman to hold this position in Rotary’s 115 years.
Will McMahan was $20 happy as teachers from Everett High School and Cascade High School stated that the students loved the presenters for Career Day. What a great delight!
Barb George was $100 happy for the 245th birthday of the US Marine Corp. Her father, uncles and cousins were in the Marines. She was happy to honor them.
Judi Edwards was $20 happy as they were able to dress up for Halloween and have a party.
Tom Koenig was $20 happy as WSU Football was undefeated in November and the coach is not bad mouthing the players.
PROGRAM: Microloans & Economic Development in Honduras
Ed Petersen, PP, stated there are now seven Area of Focus. The 7th one is Supporting the Environment. Last week the Area of Focus was Disease Prevention & Treatment. November 17th program will focus on the Area of Focus – Basic Education and Literacy.
Wally Gardiner is a The Rotary Foundation Cadre of Technical Advisors who offer grant application guidance and assistance with community assessment, sustainable project planning, monitoring and evaluation and Rotary Grant model. Wally is a Rotarian from District 5360 Rotary Club of High River in Alberta Canada. Wally has traveled to the project sites to check on the projects and learn how we can do better in writing the grants.
Wally is a member of the Rotary Action Group for Community Economic Development (RAGCED). -Creating Opportunity by Investing Communities-
He discussed how the RAGCED helped open a bank branch, provide business training, and help increase their monies in Honduras. Rotary Clubs from Canada and Honduras partnered together.
There are three strategies that help the local community to start businesses.
The first strategy is a Trust Group. A Trust Group is a group of individuals with no collateral but have community character. Each person in the group receives a loan and pays back the loan. The group is trained on how to run a business. This loan is a steppingstone for individuals to become an entrepreneur.
The second strategy is an Individual Loan. Examples of an Individual Loan included a young lady selling handcraft artwork and making the community a tourist mecca town.
Wally talked about a mechanic who owned a tire repair shop and he inspired others to start a business. His granddaughter started a café across from the street of his tire repair shop.
Other individuals are now mentors for a trust group. He talked about a young lady joining a Trust Group who bought mixers to make birthday cake decorations. Now she is a supplier to five commercial bakeries and still a member of the Trust Group. She is a mentor many others.
Individual Loans can change attitudes of the individuals. They gain confidence, mentor others, and enjoy meeting people.
The third strategy is Small Medium Enterprise. A Small Medium Enterprise supports existing businesses so that they can grow the number of branches and create more jobs. Example was a young man’s Ceramic Stove Factory. The SME loan of $5,000 helped to purchase five kilns and employ six individuals. Now the business exports to four other countries.
Start Small and Eliminate Poverty.
Meeting Adjourned:
In closing, President John thanked Wally Gardiner for his inspiration presentation and stated that a donation to the Everett Boys & Girls Club would be made in Wally’s name. 
Respectfully Submitted,
Tammy Dunn
Photography Submitted,
Tammy Dunn
Next Program,
“International Partnership Alliance” Presented by Marty Pease Introduced by Ed Petersen, PP