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Welcome to our club!
We Add Value to our Community Through Service
We meet Tuesdays at 12:00 PM
Legion Memorial Golf Course
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United States of America
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Rotary Log 07-28-2020
The Rotary Club of Everett
The meeting started at Noon by President John. It was the 4th meeting of the year, virtual meeting #20 and the 5357th of the club.
President John lead the Pledge of Allegiance.  He also stated that the club is looking for volunteers to lead the Pledge of allegiance at each meeting
Sean George delivered the thought of the day. Sean remarked that we should have patience and be patient with those around us. Facebook postings reflected the stress of the challenges of today and sometimes this is not healthy. If you see a posting that may illicit some angry reply, take 3 deep breaths and take a walk. Communicate in the old fashion way – speak with them.
No Visiting Rotarians. Guests: Kelly Shepard introduced a proposed member – Amanda Overly who was with us.  
President John gave an update on upcoming programs. The programs will be focused on today’s topics and good idea for visitors to hear.
Well Wishes were extended for Bruce Timm who had recent hip replacement due to bicycle accident. Bruce was in hospital in 6 weeks. He is now at home recuperating. 
Kari Petrasek announced that the next virtual Happy Hour will be Thursday, August 13, 5:30 pm. It is a great opportunity to connect in a less formal manner. At the last happy hour – we found about Wick’s lightening creations.
  • Anna Marie Laurence, chair of the College Essentials shopping spree announced that it will take place during the August 8th week. She is looking for one more shopper – virtual. You will match up with student by zoom or phone.  It should be a lot of fun. Please contact Abby Cooley if interested.
  • President John announced that Howie Bargreen was nice and had an old wooden water ski that they have used to recognized Past President Steve MillerPresident John would like a photo of Steve with the ski.
Our bell-ringers today were:
  • Steve Miller, PP, who traveled to Idaho to Western Region waterski event.  He won the Men’s Six champ this year (as well as last year).  20 individuals going for title.  May not travel to National in La due to COVID.
  • Greg Lineberry who gave for Bob Biel’s attendance today and the other trained zoom masters. He appreciates those that stepped up to help with that role.
  • Julie Herber had $50 sad bucks for Judi selling her home and $50 buck for father’s successful hip surgery
Bob Biel gave $98 Birthday bucks (June 10th) which was rounded up to $100 with a $2 match.  (Great to see Bob! Thank you Tina Gilson!)
  • Additional happy dollars came from Judi Edwards who announced that she sold her house.
Wick Temple lead the group with the raffle selections.  Judi Edwards picked the winners.
#1 winner – Greg Lineberry – donated by Howie Bargreen  Wine, lanterns, thin mints, emergency kit from Kelli Thode
#2 Winner – Will McMahon – Surprise Wine, Judi’s gift, Christmas fruitcake, Steve Harvey book
#3 Grand prize – Steve Miller – Wine, Ray Charles bio, Girl Scouts cookies - Predicted by Steve prior to the meeting’s start
PROGRAM: Historical Narrative & Novel
Our program today was presented by Stewart Tolnay.  Originally he was to be introduced by Larry O’Donnell, but was unable due to his wife Joyce was ill.  President John read Larry’s introduction. 
Stewart Tolney has local roots. He graduated from Everett High and Everett Community College. He has a PHD from UW and taught in universities in Georgia, New York and UW. He is an expert in sociology and historical relations of the United States with a focus on African Americans social history. Stewart has garnered recognition by many for his work and his generosity. He has established a scholarship at Everett Community College. He is the author of many books, non-fiction and a new novel (set in Everett).  His works are relevant to today.
His non-fiction and his recent novel were result of his long career focus on the relations of African Americans in the 20th Century and his own experienced in Everett, Georgia and New York where he saw many of the forces that brought so many African Americans from the south to Harlem and the North. His books and papers covered these social movements and the African American migration
In retirement, Stewart decided to pursue desire to write fiction, rooted deeply in experience and the conflicts of race. The novel, Less than Righteous consists of three main threads involving an African American family moving from Georgia to the PNW and Everett. Stewart is confident that it is an accurate portrayal of the times.    
President John thanked Stewart for his insight and the club will donate to the Everett Boys and Girls Club on his behalf. 
At the end of the meeting, President John announced that the Club’s Board will take on subject about racial injustice/relations and what our club can do to improve our communities this year. Also, all are invited to the next Board meeting where they will be talking about committees and membership service positions.    
President John thanked our presenter, happy bucks and bell-ringers and Kelly Shepard as zoom master. 
Respectfully submitted,
Kevin Nichols
Photography submitted,
Tammy Dunn
Next Program:  
“Update on Everett Community College”, presented by Daria Willis and introduced by John Olson